Are there any book clubs in Round Rock?
Are there any farmers markets in the area?
Are there any medical clinics in Round Rock?
Are there any RV parks or campgrounds in Round Rock?
Can alcohol can be available at a special event or block party?
Can citizens ride out with police officer on patrol?
Can I get my blood pressure checked at the Fire Department?
Can non-citizens get a permit for an event or parade planned inside the city limits?
Do I have a particular officer working in my neighborhood?
Do I have to be part of some organization to get a special event, block party or parade permit?
Do I need to be a Round Rock resident to use City services?
Does Round Rock have a curfew for minors?
Does Round Rock have a food pantry?
Does Round Rock have a tree ordinance?
Does Round Rock have activities for seniors?
Does Round Rock have crisis center?
Does the City offer swimming lessons?
How can I compliment a Police Officer or Police Employee?
How can I find a street thatís so new it isnít on commercial maps?
How can I get a restraining order?
How can I schedule a tour of a fire station, fire truck or a firefighter at my function?
How do I find out if a sex offender lives in my neighborhood?
How do I get information about the juvenile fire setter program?
How do I know if an organization soliciting for contributions is legitimate?
How do I register to vote?
How do I report a traffic complaint in my neighborhood such as speeding, people running red lights or stop signs?
How do I report drug dealing?
How do I reserve the Old Settlers Tabernacle Building in Old Settlers Park, 3300 Palm Valley Blvd.?
How do I schedule a crime prevention program?
How do I select the proper tree to plant?
How long are Mayor and City Council terms?
How much does a crime report for a neighborhood cost?
How often is the sex offenders registration updated?
I am thinking of buying a new home. How can I find out how many times the Police were called to homes on the street?
Is there a park in my community?
Is there an Ordinance regarding the number of garage sales allowed per year?
What are the holidays for garbage pick-up?
What are the latitude and longitude and elevation of Round Rock?
What are the property taxes in Round Rock?
What can I do if my application for a special event/block party street closure permit is denied?
What county is Round Rock located in?
What is Arbor Day?
What is the population of Round Rock?
What is the sales tax in Round Rock?
What newspapers serve Round Rock?
What parks facilities are available to rent and what are the fees?
When do I need a Temporary Use Permit or Special Event Permit?
Where can I find a Notary Public?
Where can I find information about crime statistics in Round Rock?
Where can I find out about jobs in Round Rock?
Where can I get fingerprints taken?
Where can I get information on helping reduce crime in my neighborhood?
Where can I get my driverís license in Round Rock?
Where do I get a marriage license, birth/death certificate, or record of divorce?
Where do I get a sign permit?
Where do I get information about volunteering in the Round Rock community?
Where do I go to vote?
Where is a post office in Round Rock?
Who are the state representatives for Round Rock?
Who are the U.S. Senators and Representatives for Texas?
Who do I call about the Old Settlers Music Festival?
Who do I contact if I have questions about the sex offenders registration?
Who do I contact to hire an off-duty officer?
Will the City provide clean up after a special event, block party or parade and will that be an extra cost?