Are the City Council meetings televised?
Can I call the Municipal Court and find out how many warrants I have outstanding against me in the State of Texas?
How can I obtain the City Council Agenda?
How can I speak in front of the City Council?
How do I make an Open Records Request?
How do I register to vote?
How long are Mayor and City Council terms?
Is the Municipal Court the small claims court?
Is there a filing fee to run for City Council?
Should I assume that Municipal Court knows that I received more than one violation on my ticket?
What county is Round Rock located in?
What do I do if I need an interpreter when I appear before the Judge in Municipal Court?
When and where are the City Council meetings held?
When are the City Council Meetings replayed on Channel 10?
Where can I find a Notary Public?
Where can I request a birth or death certificate?
Where do I get a marriage license, birth/death certificate, or record of divorce?
Where do I go to vote?
Who are the state representatives for Round Rock?
Who are the U.S. Senators and Representatives for Texas?
Who is my Councilmember?
Who regulates public health issues in Round Rock?