Municipal Court

Can I call the Municipal Court and find out how many warrants I have outstanding against me in the State of Texas?
Can I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest over the phone?
How can I obtain a copy of my criminal record?
If I pay my citation or request defensive driving before my court date, do I still need to come to court?
Is Municipal Court open during lunch hours?
Is the Municipal Court the small claims court?
May I mail in my court payment to Municipal Court?
Should I assume that Municipal Court knows that I received more than one violation on my ticket?
What do I do if I need an interpreter when I appear before the Judge in Municipal Court?
What forms of payment does Municipal Court accept for fines?
Where can I find a Notary Public?
Where can I obtain a letter stating I do not have a criminal record within the City of Round Rock?
Where can I pay my traffic ticket?
Where can I pick up a blank copy of an Individual Accident Report?
Who do I call to find out information regarding an Impounded Vehicle?
Who do I call to find out information regarding Traffic Tickets?