Can I renew my library books by phone or from home?
Can I use a library computer to type my resume? What software do the library computers have?
How and where do I get a library card? Do I have to have a Texas driver's license?
How do I find out if I have an overdue item from the library?
How long may I keep a materials that I checked out from the library?
How many books can I check out at the Library? What about audiovisual materials?
How much are the fines for having overdue materials from the library?
I am working on a project to trace my family history. Does the Library have any genealogy resources?
I want a quiet study place. Does the Library have any study rooms?
I want to rent a library meeting room. What is the procedure?
What are the Library hours? Is the Library open on Sundays? What about holidays?
What if I lose or damage something I have borrowed from the library?
Where do I return library materials if the library is closed?
Where is the Round Rock Public Library?