Red Light Cameras

Arenít the cameras inflexible? If an officer was at the corner and saw an infraction, they might not write a ticket based on the circumstances.
Arenít vehicle owners who are issued a photo enforcement-generated ticket for red light running or speeding guilty until proven innocent?
Does my community really need red light cameras? Iíve heard that extending yellow signal timing can be sufficient.
Does photo enforcement put police officers out of a job?
How do you respond to critics who say cameras violate motoristsí rights to privacy and are an example of ďBig BrotherĒ invading our rights?
How much will this program cost taxpayers in our community?
Is red light running really a problem?
Isnít conventional police enforcement sufficient?
Isnít it more dangerous for cars to slam on their brakes if they fear running a red light rather than to simply keep driving?
Isnít photo enforcement just a thinly-veiled attempt by the government to generate revenue?
Redflex Traffic Systems is an Australian company. How do you respond to those who contend that the government is sending profits overseas?
What are red light cameras and how do they work?
What is red light running?