What's new for 2014?

We're always trying to improve. Here are changes we've implemented for 2014:

Online reading logs

All official recordkeeping will be through our new online system, available through our website. You are welcome to track your reading any way you like at home, but to keep lines short, please have your online log up to date before you come to claim a prize.

You can log on at home, or at the library. If you do not have Interet access outside of the library, please know the library has Internet-connected computers available for your use, and also free WiFi available for your devices.

Program structure

In addition to rewarding readers for developing a regular reading habit, we are adding a program that rewards kids who demonstrate that habit and who want to count minutes for even more prizes.

Children who complete 40 days of reading win entry into a second program that tracks minutes of reading awards raffle tickets for all kinds of fun prizes.

Teen readers will continue to count their time and earn prizes for every 5 hours of reading.


Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer prizes to all children, not just children who hold RRPL cards.