Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for producing, monitoring and reporting the City’s annual operating budget.

The City of Round Rock’s fiscal year (FY) is Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.  In the spring the City begins the annual budget process to determine the needs of the City.  Public hearings regarding the budget are held in August / September of each year and are open to the public.


FY 2015 Operating Budget Book

FY 2015 Budget Highlights | FY 2015 Budget FAQs


Round Rock’s Total Operating Budgets for FY 2014-2015


Fund Revenues Expenditures
General Fund $95,442,415 $95,441,381
Utility Fund 41,595,000 41,595,988
Debt Service Fund 15,019,000 15,043,600
Drainage Fund 3,126,000 2,957,829
Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund 3,220,000 2,306,188
Sport Center Fund 2,092,180 2,013,990
Total * $160,494,595 $159,357,975
* includes inter-fund transfers


Each year the City develops a budget document which identifies spending plans and revenue estimates for City services.


If you have any questions regarding the City of Round Rock’s budget, email or call the Budget Office at (512) 218-5400.