Long-Range Planning

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The General plan, area plans, and neighborhood plans are important tools to shape the quality and character of future development, maintain the quality of established neighborhoods, and proactively address changing conditions in specific areas.

Places & Spaces: General Plan 2020 

GP2010coverThe General Plan establishes a coordinated set of policy recommendations to meet the Council’s goals regarding land use and development for the 2010-2020 decade. The plan’s recommendations are developed with extensive citizen participation and include items related to current and future land use, development and redevelopment, historic preservation, and neighborhood quality. It is the City’s official policy document guiding growth and development, and directly impacts what kind of place Round Rock will become over the next decade.
Places & Spaces: General Plan 2020 (pdf, 12 MB)
Download the Future Land Use Map (last amended January 2013)




Downtown Master Plan (2010)

RRPGN-BKSMaster_Plan_Final _2010_City_INDD.inddThe Downtown Master Plan created a design and policy strategy for a thriving town center featuring a viable mix of retail, dining, entertainment, residential and public spaces, in a walkable and historically sensitive environment to enhance our sense of place, economy and quality of life. Our vision for downtown is a thriving town center, beyond the two-block historic area, that features a viable mix of residential, commercial, retail, dining, entertainment and public space uses in a walkable environment that enhances Round Rock’s economy, quality of life, and sense of place.



Southwest Downtown Plan (2005)

map_swdt_areaThe construction of city facilities in the southwest quadrant of downtown (Baca Center and McConico Building) has created demand for more office and commercial space nearby. The Southwest Downtown Plan established standards for transitioning to higher density with sensitivity to neighborhood context, which were later codified as the MU-1a zoning district.  When the form-based code for the Downtown Master Plan (above) is adopted it will replace the MU-1a district.



Palm Valley Area Planning and Design Study (2000)

DecFINAL REPORT COVERThe Palm Valley Area Planning and Design Study (pdf, 18 MB) was undertaken to create special development standards for Palm Valley, a previously undeveloped area with a distinct history and geographic constraints. The study’s findings were later codified in the Palm Valley Overlay Zoning District (PV).




Neighborhood Plans

6-30_smallgroupNeighborhood Plans are undertaken periodically to address the concerns of established neighborhoods. Often these concerns relate to aging common facilities, property maintenance, and issues that arise from growth outside the neighborhood, such as increased cut-through traffic.

The City has made it a priority to maintain the quality of its neighborhoods. Through Neighborhood Planning, City administrators and staff create a dialogue with residents to solve problems, enhance the nei