Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

PUDs in Round Rock

Please note that these documents have been edited for size and in most cases do not include the entire ordinance adopting the PUD or amendment, but they do include the entire development agreement. Land uses in the right-hand column are generalized; please consult the PUD document for specific Council-approved uses. Bookmarks (for larger documents) will appear if the pdf is downloaded, but not when viewed in the browser.

For more information on PUD agreements, please contact Clyde von Rosenberg, 512-341-3174.  What is a PUD?

PUD#  Approved  Name Land Uses (key)
PUD#01 25-Sep-86 Oaklands – (map) Senior
PUD#02 22-Nov-86 Crystal Park – (map) APT
11-Jul-96 Crystal Park amendment 1
PUD#03 16-Jun-88 Oaklands Lot 20 – (map) OFC
PUD#04 28-Mar-91 Forest Creek – (map) RES, TH, APT, COM, OS, SCH
13-Jan-94 Forest Creek amendment 1
24-Feb-94 Forest Creek amendment 2
11-Jun-98 Forest Creek amendment 3
8-Oct-98 Forest Creek amendment 4
15-Nov-07 Forest Creek amendment 4.1
24-Feb-14 Forest Creek amendment 4.2
8-Oct-98 Forest Creek amendment 5
13-Jan-00 Forest Creek amendment 6
14-May-15 Forest Creek amendment 7
3-Mar-09 Forest Creek interpretation parcels G&8
PUD#05 7-Nov-91 Texas Organic Greenhouses – (map) IND
12-May-94 Texas Organic Greenhouses amendment 1
PUD#06 17-Sep-92 Tanglewood (Oaklands) – (map) RES
11-Jul-96 Tanglewood amendment 1
PUD#07 28-Jan-93 First Baptist Church (rezoned PF-2) not applicable
PUD#08 13-Jan-94 Oaklands 2 – (map) RES
PUD#09 26-Aug-93 Rock Springs Apartments
(development plan later revised)
not applicable
  11-Jun-98 Rock Springs Apts. revised – (map COM
PUD#10 9-Dec-93 Heritage Center (Steeplechase) – (map) APT
14-Apr-94 Heritage Center amendment 1
27-Jul-95 Heritage Center amendment 2
PUD#11 10-Feb-94 Forest Ridge – (map) RES
10-Apr-97 Forest Ridge amendment 1
PUD#12 N/A Courtyards at Lake Creek (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#13 9-Jun-94 Round Rock Ranch – (map) RES
25-May-95 Round Rock Ranch amendment 1
22-Aug-96 Round Rock Ranch amendment 2
11-Feb-05 Round Rock Ranch amendment 3
8-Mar-06 Round Rock Ranch amendment 4
PUD#14 13-Oct-94 Gardens at Brushy Creek – (rezoned SF-1) RES
PUD#15 27-Oct-94 Spring Ridge – (map) RES, APT, BP
28-Sep-95 Spring Ridge amendment 1
14-Mar-98 Spring Ridge amendment 2
PUD#16 13-Oct-94 Sweet Home Baptist Church (rezoned PF-2) not applicable
PUD#17 N/A Oakmont Crossing (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#18 22-Nov-94 Putt Putt Golf & Games
Replaced by PUD #18 amendment 4
not applicable
10-Apr-97 Putt Putt Golf & Games amendment 1
Replaced by PUD #18 amendment 4
13-Apr-00 Putt Putt Golf & Games amendment 2
Replaced by PUD #18 amendment 4
28-Apr-05 Putt Putt Golf & Games amendment 3
Replaced by PUD #18 amendment 4
24-Sep-09 PUD #18 amendment 4Veterinary Clinic  – (map
Replaces PUD #18 and amendments 1-3
Veterinary Clinic
PUD#19 N/A Willows Subdivision (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#20 28-Sep-95 SE PID: BCWB Tract – (map) APT, BP
PUD#21 28-Sep-95 SE PID: Lawrence Tract – (map) RES, APT, COM, BP
PUD#22 28-Sep-95 SE PID: Remington Tract
Replaced by PUD #22 amendment 1
not applicable
4-Dec-14 SE PID: Remington Tract amendment 1 –  (map)
Replaces PUD #22
PUD#23 21-Dec-95 Preserve at Stone Oak – (map) RES, Senior, COM, OFC, BP
25-Jul-00 Preserve at Stone Oak amendment 1
26-Apr-01 Preserve at Stone Oak amendment 2
14-Jul-05 Preserve at Stone Oak amendment 3
8-Apr-10 Preserve at Stone Oak amendment 4
PUD#24 N/A Wood Glen (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#25 14-Dec-95 Round Rock West – (map) Senior, OFC
PUD#26 13-Jun-96 Rocking Horse Ranch – (map) APT, COM
16-Jul-99 Rocking Horse Ranch amendment 1
PUD#27 23-May-96 1002 Oakridge Drive – (map) RES
PUD#28 N/A Telander Tract (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#29 8-Aug-96 Wood Glen (repealed) not applicable
24-Oct-96 Wood Glen (revised) – (map) RES
PUD#30 24-Oct-96 Parkwest – (map) BP
PUD#31 13-Feb-97 Grossman/Glenn Tracts – (map) APT
13-Aug-98 Grossman/Glenn Tracts amendment 1
8-Feb-13 Grossman/Glenn Tracts amendment 2
PUD#32 25-Nov-97 Volger/Prewitt Tract – (map) TH, Senior, COM, OFC
PUD#33 13-May-98 Oakwood Medical Park – (map) OFC
PUD#34 12-Mar-98 SPJST Lodge–  (map) BP
PUD#35 28-Jan-99 Robinson Ranch (Wyoming Springs) – (map) RES, TH, Senior, COM, BP
22-Sep-05 Robinson Ranch amendment 1
26-Jul-12 Robinson Ranch amendment 2
24-Jan-13 Robinson Ranch amendment 3
PUD#36 25-Mar-99 Hickerson Tract – (map) BP
PUD#37 24-Nov-99 Scott & White Tract
(rezoned to PUD #59 and PF-3)
not applicable
PUD#38 25-Feb-99 La Frontera East – (map COM, OFC
11-Apr-05 La Frontera East amendment 1
PUD#39 25-Feb-99 La Frontera West – (map)
(parts rezoned to PUD#70, #72 and #89)
22-Feb-01 La Frontera West amendment 1
14-Jan-08 La Frontera West amendment 1.1
PUD#40 12-Sep-00 Kenney Fort – (map)
(parts later rezoned to PUD #97)
RES, TH, APT, Senior, COM, BP
13-Feb-14 Kenney Fort amendment 1
PUD#41 N/A Overall Tract (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#42 12-Aug-99 Warner Ranch (Hanover) – (map)
Compilation of PUD #42 and 2 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
RES, TH, APT, Senior, COM, OS
PUD#43 14-Dec-00 MKR Subdivision – (map) COM, OFC
7-Feb-01 MKR Subdivision amendment 1
19-Jan-10 MKR Subdivision amendment 2
PUD#44 14-Sep-00 Legends Village – (map) TH, COM, OFC
25-Sep-08 Legends Village amendment 1
PUD#45 14-Dec-00 Stonecrest Retail – (map) COM
PUD#46 N/A 54 Acres LTD (withdrawn) N/A
PUD#47 12-Jul-01 Turtle Creek Village – (map)
Compilation of PUD #47 and 2 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
RES, TH, Senior, COM, OFC, OS, SCH
PUD#48 N/A McNeil Center (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#49 14-Mar-02 Pioneer Crossing – (map) COM
PUD#50 N/A Sunrise at Chandler (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#51 N/A Round Rock Express (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#52 N/A Rainbow Parke (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#53 24-Jan-02 Johnson Tract (HEB Plus) – (map) RES, APT, COM
15-Jun-05 Johnson Tract amendment 1
PUD#54 N/A Sunrise Carwash (disapproved) not applicable
PUD#55 N/A Reunion (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#56 24-Jan-02 Randall’s Town Centre – (map)    
Compilation of PUD #56 and 9 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
RES, TH, Senior, COM, OFC, OS, SCH
Randall’s Town Centre – limited area – (map)
Development Stds. for parcels 2&5 only   (commercial parcels on Town Centre Dr.)
22-Jan-15 Randalls Town Centre amendment 10 – limited area
Development standards and additional acreage for Parcel 1-A
SCH, Senior
PUD#57 N/A Ashton Oaks (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#58 5-Dec-02 Walgreens – (map) COM
PUD#59 N/A Gattis School Road (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#59 N/A Tellabs (Catholic Church) (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#59 N/A Round Rock Serving Center (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#59 26-May-05 Chandler IH-35, Ltd. – (map)
Compilation of PUD #59 and 6 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
PUD#60 26-May-05 Round Rock Premium Outlets – (map) COM, OFC
3-Jan-06 RR Premium Outlets amendment 1
22-May-06 RR Premium Outlets amendment 2
PUD#61 26-May-05 Simon North – (map) COM, OFC
14-Nov-13 Simon North amendment 1
27-Feb-15 Interpretation – outdoor entertainment
PUD#62 26-May-05 Provident Crossings – (map) Senior, COM
24-Jan-08 Provident Crossings amendment 1
PUD#63 22-Sep-05 Hoppe Center – (map) COM
PUD#64  8-Sep-05 McNeil (IKEA) – (map) COM
 8-Jun-06 McNeil (IKEA) amendment 1
 2-Nov-07 McNeil (IKEA) amendment 2
 8-Aug-11 McNeil (IKEA) amendment 3
PUD#65 8-Sep-05 Endeavor – (map) COM, upper story apts
28-Sep-06 Endeavor amendment 1
20-Jul-06 Endeavor amendment 2
29-May-07 Endeavor amendment 3
13-May-10 Endeavor amendment 4
PUD#66 1-Dec-05 Round Rock Express Subdivision  (map) COM
PUD#67 12-Jan-06 TRK  –  (map) OFC
30-May-07 TRK amendment 1
PUD#68  8-Jun-06 Epoch Properties – (map) APT
PUD#69 21-Nov-06 Highland Terrace – (map) COM, OFC
PUD#70 21-Dec-06 Town Center – (map)
(formerly part of PUD#39)
(part of PUD #70 later rezoned to PUD#89)
28-Jul-11 Town Center amendment 1
25-Apr-13 Town Center amendment 2
PUD#71 21-Dec-06 Georgetown Railroad – (map) RES, TH, APT, Senior, COM, OFC, OS, SCH
PUD#72 11-Jan-07 Koontz-McCoombs Tract – (map)
(formerly part of PUD #39)
(part of PUD #72 later rezoned to PUD #89)
PUD#73 26-Jul-07 Bluffs Landing – (map) SR
PUD#74 28-Jun-07 Crossing at Palm Valley – (map) APT, COM
PUD#75 28-Jun-07 Green Square (rezoned to LI) not applicable
PUD#76 25-Oct-07 Eggers Acres – (map) COM, OFC
PUD#77 20-Nov-07 Blanchard-Rowland- (map) COM, OFC, OS
18-Dec-14 Blanchard-Rowland amendment 1
PUD#78 24-Jan-08 Chandler Crossing – (map) APT, IND
PUD#79 28-Feb-08 Vista 620  – (map) COM
PUD#80 8-May-08 East Rock Cove – (map) TH, Senior, COM, OFC, OS
PUD#81 24-Jul-08 Reavis Rehab – (map) COM, OFC
PUD#82 24-Jul-08 Arbor Place – (map RES
24-Nov-08 Arbor Place amendment 1
PUD#83 23-Oct-08 University Village – (map)
Compilation of PUD #83 and 6 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
PUD#84 13-Nov-08 Avery Centre – (map)
Compilation of PUD #84 and 5 amendments (ref. original ordinances)
PUD#85 18-Dec-08 Michael Tract
Rezoned to MF-2
not applicable
PUD#86  9-Apr-09 Chandler Creek Business Park
Replaced by PUD #86 amend. 1  
not applicable
12-Jan-12 Chandler Creek Bus. Pk. amendment 1
Replaced by PUD #86 amendment  2
not applicable
26-Jul-14 Chandler Creek Bus. Park amendment 2  
Replaced by PUD #86 amendment  3
not applicable
14-Jan-15 Chandler Creek Bus. Park amendment 3
Replaced by PUD #86 amendment 4
not applicable
28-May-15 Chandler Creek Bus. Park amend. 4 – (map)
Replaces PUD #86 amendment 3
Senior, OFC, BP, OS
PUD#87 13-Jan-11 Rockin’ J  – (map) COM, IND
PUD#88 24-Feb-11 Round Rock Community Foundation –  (map) BP, SCH
PUD#89 10-Mar-11 Frontera Vista – (map)
(rezoned from parts of PUDs 39, 70 & 72)
Frontera Vista amendment 1
PUD#90 26-Jan-12 Bartz Tract – (map) TH, APT, Senior
3-Jun-15 Bartz Tract amendment 1
PUD#91 22-Mar-12 Bison Tract – (map)
Development Code only (in color)
PUD#92 10-May-12 Felder Tract – (map RES, COM, OFC
PUD#93 23-Aug-12 Sonoma NW – (map) APT, COM, OS
PUD#94 06-Dec-12 Spring Street Townhomes – (map) RES, TH, COM, OFC
PUD#95 23-May-13 Freeman Tract  –  (map) RES, OS
PUD#96 25-Jul-13 Avery North 
Replaced by PUD #96 amend. 1 (below)
not applicable
26-Jun-14 Avery North amendment 1 – (map)
Replaces PUD #96
RES, TH, Senior, COM, OFC, OS, SCH
 24-Sep-14 Avery North amendment 2
24-Feb-15 Avery North amendment 3
PUD#97 13-Feb-14 Timmerman – (map)
(formerly part of PUD #40)
PUD#98 13-Nov-14 Madsen Ranch – (map) SF
PUD#99 12-Feb-15 Mays St. Wine Bar – (map) COM
PUD#100 N/A Robinson East/Smeyers 38 (withdrawn) not applicable
PUD#101 25-Jun-15 Gardens at Mayfield Ranch(map) RES, COM, OFC, Senior

Key: RES (single-family); TH (townhome); APT (apartments); Senior (senior-oriented living); COM (commercial); OFC (office); BP (business park); IND (industrial); OS (open space); SCH (primary or secondary school)  Back to top

What is a PUD?
A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a site-specific zoning district tailored to a specific location and use(s).  PUDs allow greater flexibility, but the development quality must be equal to or better than what would be required by standard zoning. PUD agreements are adopted as amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and transfer to subsequent property owners just like any other zoning district.  For more information, please refer to Section 46-106.

Original PUD ordinances (summarized above in compilation documents)

PUD #42 Warner Ranch: Original Ordinances (back to table)
12-Aug-1999 Z-99-08-12-9B6 PUD #42 Warner Ranch
13-Jun-2002 Z-02-06-13-13C1 PUD #42 Warner Ranch Amendment 1
14-Feb-2013 Z-13-02-14-E3 PUD #42 Warner Ranch Amendment 2
PUD #47 Turtle Creek Village: Original Ordinances (back to table)
12-Jul-2001 Z-01-07-12-10B2 PUD #47 Turtle Creek Village
01-Mar-2005 (administrative) PUD #48 Turtle Creek Village Amendment 1
29-Jul-2010 (administrative) PUD #48 Turtle Creek Village Amendment 2
PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre: Original Ordinances (back to table)
24-Jan-2002 Z-02-01-24-8B1 PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre
PUD #56 Town Centre Drive commercial parcels only
01-Jul-2002 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 1
25-Jun-2002 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 2
08-Sep-2004 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 3
31-Aug-2005 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 4
26-Sep-2005 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 5
13-Jan-2006 Z-06-01-12-10B3 PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 6
3-Sep-2010 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 7
13-May-2011 Z-11-05-12-11A1 PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 8
23-Aug-2013 (administrative) PUD #56 Randall’s Town Centre Amendment 9
PUD #59 Chandler IH-35 LTD: Original Ordinances (back to table)
26-May-2005 Z-05-05-26-11D3 PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd.
03-Jun-2005 (administrative) PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 1
03-Jan-2006 (administrative) PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 2
16-Dec-2010 G-10-12-16-9B1 PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 3
25-Aug-2011 Z-11-08-25-8A1 PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 4
23-Aug-2012 Z-12-08-23-H3 PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 5
23-Aug-2012 Z-12-08-23-H4 PUD #59: Chandler IH-35 Ltd. Amendment 6
PUD #83 University Village: Original Ordinances (back to table)
10-Aug-2010 Z-08-10-23-11B7 PUD #83 University Village
28-Oct-2009 (administrative) PUD #83 University Village Amendment 1
28-Jan-2010 Z-10-01-28-9A3 PUD #83 University Village Amendment 2
09-Nov-2010 (administrative) PUD #83 University Village Amendment 3
10-Nov-2011 Z-11-11-10-9A3 PUD #83 University Village Amendment 4
24-Jan-2013 Z-13-01-24-L5 PUD #83 University Village Amendment 5
13-Nov-2014 (administrative) PUD #83 University Village Amendment 6
PUD #84 Avery Centre: Original Ordinances (back to table)
13-Nov-2008 Z-08-11-13-11C13 PUD #84 Avery Centre
22-Jul-2010 Z-10-07-22-9A1 PUD #84 Avery Centre Amendment 1
30-Aug-2010 (administrative) PUD #84 Avery Centre Amendment 2
09-Aug-2012 Z-12-08-09-H1 PUD #84 Avery Centre Amendment 3
10-Mar-2014 Z-14-02-27-J1 PUD #84 Avery Centre Amendment 4
10-Jul-2014 O-2014-1555 PUD #84 Avery Centre Amendment 5
PUD #86 Chandler Creek Business Park (back to table)
09-Apr-2009 Z-09-04-09-10A1 PUD #86 Chandler Creek Business Park
12-Jan-2012 Z-12-01-12-9C1 PUD #86 Chandler Creek Business Park Amendment 1
Amendment 1 replaces PUD #86, and was later replaced by Amendment 2.