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FAQs for development professionals

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Development Review Committee

Q. What is the Development Review Committee?
A. The Development Review Committee is a multi-department team that collaboratively reviews site plans within a standard cycle. For more information, including submittal schedules, please contact the Planning Department at (512) 218-5428.

Q. What is required to dedicate an easement to the City of Round Rock?
A. See the Non-Negotiated Easement Dedication form.

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Construction Plans Review & Revisions

Q. How many sets of plans do I submit?
A. Depends on the type of plan.

Subdivision Plans:

  • For the initial submittal two sets are required.
  • For subsequent submittals the redline set from the previous round and one new set reflecting changes to address the previous round of comments.

Site Plans:

  • Site plan submittals are distributed through the Planning Department via the Development Review Committee (DRC). Please contact the Planning Department at 512-218-5428.

Q. Do I really need to submit my plans with a City of Round Rock (CORR) Transmittal?
A. Yes, your submittals cannot be logged in without the information provided on the CORR Transmittal. The Transmittal form can be downloaded here.

Q. Did you receive my plans?
A. Once plans are received they are logged in and a submittal summary sheet is faxed to you which includes a return target date. Plans are logged in and summaries faxed each morning.

Q. What is the procedure for revisions?
A. Depends on the type of revisions.

Subdivision Improvements: The Design Engineer must submit the original signed mylar coversheet along with three copies of the effected sheets. Once the change is accepted, the mylar coversheet is signed and returned to the Design Engineer. It is the responsibility of the Design Engineer to supply copies of the coversheet to the City.

Site Plans: The Design Engineer must submit the original signed mylar coversheet along with six copies of the effected sheets. Once the change is accepted the mylar coversheet is signed and returned to the Design Engineer. It is then the Design Engineer's responsibility to supply copies of the coversheet to the City.

Q. When do I need to submit a formal revision for a modification to plans?
A. Please contact your City Reviewer for all compliance issues related to plan modifications.

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General Engineering

Q. Where can I get copies of As-Built plans in the area I'd like to develop?
A. Contact the Archive Documents & As-Built Plans area of the Engineering Division at 512-218-6604 or 512-671-2759 or via email.

Q. What is the ultimate 100-year flood plain?
A. The ultimate 100-year flood plain is the 100-year flood plain with ultimate build out in the drainage basin.

Q. Can I participate in Regional Detention?
A. Yes, if you can convey your increased flows into a Regional Detention facility without adversely effecting anyone along the way.

Q. When do I need subdivision improvements for a project?
A. Subdivision improvements are reequired for any site that is not served with water, wastewater, street, drainage and storm sewer improvements.

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Close-Out Process

Q. What should a typical close-out cost letter reference?
A. Fill in the total cost of street, drainage, water and wastewater public improvements on the sample letter which should be submitted by the engineer or owner. Please attach a list of quantities, unit price and the total of public improvements within easements and right-of-ways that will be accepted by the City for maintenance. This should include water mains, wastewater mains, fire hydrants leads and water meters. It should exclude all fire sprinkler lines, water services after the meter and wastewater services.

Q. Where can I find the wording for a City of Round Rock maintenance bond?
A. Download the form for maintenance bonds warranting private development within the City of Round Rock here.

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Building Permits & Certificate of Occupancy

Q. How do I get a building permit? How do I get my Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)?
A. For building permits see the Building Inspection Division's Permit Guides. For projects including subdivision improvements or fire lines and fire hydrants, the Certificate of Occupancy requires sign off by Building Inspections, 512-218-5550 and Development Services, 512-218-7045.

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City-Approved Standard Details and Design and Construction Standards

Q. Where can I get a copy of the city-approved Design and Construction Standards (DACs)?
A. Download the latest approved copy here or purchase a copy from the City for $25 for the initial CD and $5 for any amendments made to the Standards after the initial purchase. Call 512-218-5555 with questions or to purchase.

Q. Where can I get a copy of all City-approved details?
A. City-approved details can be viewed here.

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