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Water Conservation Rebates
The City of Round Rock’s Water Conservation Program has rebate programs available for direct City water customers (you must receive a water bill directly from the City, not a MUD district) that are available annually, as funding allows.  

Efficient Irrigation Rebate
This program is available to direct City water customers with existing, working, irrigation systems that are interested implementing some strategies to make it more efficient.  Irrigation systems installed since 2009 probably won't qualify for the rebate. 

Rebates on equipment include the addition of weather stations, rain, freeze, and/or soil sensors, pressure reduction valves and check valves.  Retrofit rebates include capping entire zones, converting entire zones to drip irrigation, and converting entire zones to low emission nozzles or pressure reducing nozzles.

Download the residential irrigation rebate application or the commercial property application (PDF) and submit it along with the equipment purchase receipts or the irrigation company invoice once the project is completed.  No pre-inspection is necessary.  The program is available until funding is expended.

Commercial Property Toilet Rebate
This new program is available to commercial properties that are direct City water customers that were built prior to January 1, 2006.  New tank-type toilets must be selected off of the EPA’s WaterSense toilet list, found on the WaterSense web site.  New flushometer toilets must MaP tested and use 1.28 gpf, or less.

The rebate amount is 50% of the cost of the toilet, up to $100 per toilet.  Maximum rebate amount per water account is $600.  Submit a completed application form and a copy of the toilet purchase receipts after the new toilet(s) are installed.

Residential Toilet Rebate
This program has undergone some revisions and now eligible to customers that have homes that were built prior to January 1, 2006. The new toilet(s) must be WaterSense certified. See the application form for full details.

Toilets are the largest water-using fixture inside a property; by replacing old, inefficient toilets with more efficient 1.28 gallon per flush or less commodes, you can save up to 4,000 thousand gallons of water per toilet, per year! You can save on waste water charges too, when water use is decreased during waste water averaging.

Clothes Washer Rebate
This program is available to direct City water customers that have purchased a new, efficient clothes washer.  New washers must be a Tier 2 or 3 washer on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency washer list.  Washers using Silver Ion Technology will NOT be rebated.  Rebate amount is up to $100 per washer. Limit one rebate per address, while funds last.  To apply, submit a completed application along with a copy of your itemized purchase receipt once the washer has been installed.

Clothes washers account for 22% of the water use inside our homes.  By replacing older models with new, front-loading efficient washers, water use can be reduced by 15 – 40 percent, depending on how old your previous washer is.  Washers today are much more efficient than those manufactured prior to 1998!  Energy Star labeled washers use 20% less energy, 35% less water, and have larger wash tubs, which means fewer loads.    

Water Harvesting Rebate
This rebate is for new water collection systems that have been purchased and installed since June 1, 2013.  The water collection containers must be made specifically to hold liquid.  Home-made barrels (i.e. converted trash cans) will not qualify.

The rebate amount is $0.50 per gallon of water storage, with a maximum rebate amount of $400 per per water account.  (For example the collection tank holds 100 gallons, the rebate is 100 gallons x 0.50 cents = $50) 

To apply, simply submit an application and purchase receipt.  You will be contacted for a final inspection.  Please read the application to find the complete details.  The barrels can be purchased from any vendor you choose, here's a short (incomplete) list of local vendors: 

Rainwater is much better for plants and gardens than tap water, due to the high nitrogen content in it.  Rainwater collection is also a great way to reduce soil erosion on your property.

For questions about any of these programs or to have an application sent to you, contact Jessica Woods by email or call 512-671-2872.

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