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2009 Documents 2009 Documents
09-001_automated_meter_reading_system.pdf  09-001 Automated Meter Reading System
09-001_rfp_responses_1_.pdf  09-001 Tabulation
144730711200809-003_rfq_bulk_chem.pdf  09-003 Pool Bulk Chemicals
174526711200809-004rfq_maint_chem_pool.pdf  09-004 Pool Maintenance Chemicals
09-005_posting.pdf  09-005 Stop/Loss
responder_tab_09-005.pdf  09-005 Tabulation
ifb09-007_fpe_packet.pdf  09-007 Fire Protection Gear
09-007_bid_tab.pdf  09-007 Tabulation
1721725112008ifb09-008_packet_chemicals-bulk.pdf  09-008 IFB Pool Chem, Bulk
09-008_bulk_bid_tab.pdf  09-008 Tabulation
17222625112008ifb_09-009_packet__chem_maint11-08.pdf  09-009 IFB Pool Chem, Maintenance
09-009_add__1.pdf  09-009 Addendum #1
09-009_maintenance_bid_tab.pdf  09-009 Tabulation
09-010_wayfinding.pdf  09-010 Wayfinding
15201033200909-012_financial_advisor_services.pdf  09-012 Financial Advisor Services
09-012_response_tab.pdf  09-012 Tabulation
rfp_09-013_concession_srvc_mobile_packet.pdf  09-013 Mobile Concession Srvc
155651214200909-013_rfp_responses.pdf  09-013 Tabulation
09-014_rfid_addendum_and_packet.pdf  09-014 RFID Library Automated System
rfp_responses.pdf  09-014 Tabulation
8402432009ifb_09-016_brth_air_pkg_packet.pdf  09-016 Breathing Air Compressor Package, Trailer Mounted
09-016_bidtab.pdf  09-016 Tabulation
rfq_09-017_revised_armored_car_services.pdf  09-017 Armored Car Services
113612752009court_resurfacing_ifb_09-018.pdf  09-018 Court Resurfacing
09-018_bidtabform-1pg.pdf  09-018 Tabulation
1518756200909-019_posting.pdf  09-019 Third Party Administration
09-019_bid_tab.pdf  09-019 Tabulation
15184456200909-020_posting.pdf  09-020 Reinsurance (Stop Loss)
09-020_bid_tab.pdf  09-020 Tabulation
09-027_cmrc_pool_resurfacing_project.pdf  09-021 CMRC Pool Resurface Project
bid_tab_6-23-09.pdf  09-021 Tabulation
lease_08-09.pdf  09-022 Lease/Purchase Financing
09-023_hhw_solicitation.pdf  09-023 HHW Collection
09-023_hhw_solicitation_final.pdf  09-023 Household Hazardous Waste Collection (quote)
hhw_evaluation_responders.pdf  09-023 Tabulation
164533072009rfq_09-024_rfq_packet.pdf  09-024 Software Support Service (PeopleSoft 8.4)
rfq_09-024_rfq_packet.pdf  09-024 24/7 Software Support PeopleSoft
173920382009rfq_09-024_rfq_packet.pdf  09-024 Addendum #1
voip_quote_final.pdf  09-027 Telecommunications Study (quotes)
bid_tab_voip_rfp_consulting.pdf  09-027 Tabulation
add_1_09-028_bcrua_investment_advisor.pdf  09-028 Addendum #1
bid_page_rfp_09-028.pdf  09-028 Tabulation
cdbg_july09.pdf  09-029 CDBG Home Repair Program
cdbg_bid_tab_09.pdf  09-029 Tabulation
946-56_arbitrage_calulation_services.pdf  09-030 Arbitrage Calculation Srvc
09-030_responses_rfp.pdf  09-030 Response to Questions
rfp_09-030_addendum_1.pdf  09-030 Addendum #1
responders_rfp_09-030.pdf  09-030 Tabulation
8414192009946-56_arbitrage_calulation_services.pdf  09-030 Arbitrage RFP Packet
webhost_final_w_attachments.pdf  09-031 Website Hosting
wh_rfp_q_a.pdf  09-031 Web Hosting Questions
09-031_tabulation.pdf  09-031 Tabulation
09-032_network_upgrade_project.pdf  09-032 Network Upgrade Project
155421410200909-032_tabulation.pdf  09-032 Tabulation
112341410200909-033_bcrua_independent_audit_services.pdf  09-033 BCRUA Independent Audit Services (quotes)
rfq_09-033_tabulation.pdf  09-033 Tabulation
ifb_09-035.pdf  09-035 Household Hazardous Waste Collection
hhw_ifb_q_a.pdf  09-035 HHW Q & A
162181512010hhw_bid_tab.pdf  09-035 Tabulation

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