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2010 Documents 2010 Documents
117714102009rfp_10-001_vending_services.pdf  10-001 Vending Services
rfp_10-001_bid_tab_.pdf  10-001 Tabulation
virtual_desktop_rfi-final.pdf  10-004 Virtual Desktop (RFI)
10-005_telephone_system_rfp_final.pdf  10-005 Telephone System
10-005_rfp_exhibit_a___b.xls  10-005 Exhibits A B
10-003_peoplesoft_upgrade_services.pdf  10-003 PeopleSoft Upgrade Services
instructions_to_bidder___property_information.pdf  10-009 615 Palm Valley Property Sale
12124313112009rfq_10-006_packet_historic_survey_11.09.pdf  10-006 RFQ Historic Resource Survey
conference_call_information.pdf  10-003 Conference Call Information
10-003_conference_call_summary.pdf  10-003 Pre-Proposal Conference Call
10-001_shelter_system_ifb_pkt.pdf  10-001 Quick Deploy Shelter
10-003_city_response_to_questions.pdf  10-003 Response to Questions
163641512200910-003_peoplesoft_upgrade_services.pdf  10-003 PeopleSoft Upgrade Services
10-003_tabulation.pdf  10-003 Tabulation
attendee_list_voip_111809.pdf  10-005 Attendee List
10-005_rfp_exhibit_a___b_rev_1.xls  10-005 Exhibits A B Rev1: Telephone System Cost Worksheet
16173623112009addendum1.pdf  10-005 Addendum1: Citywide Telephone System Request for Proposals
citywide.pdf  10-005 Citywide Network Diagram
10-005_rfp_q_a.pdf  10-005 Question Responses
10-005_tabulation.pdf  10-005 Tabulation
10-009_tabulation.pdf  10-009 Tabulation
09-013_city_survey.pdf  10-013 City Survey (Quotes)
114381712200910-012_graphic_design_newsflash.pdf  10-012 Graphic Design (Quotes)
ifb_10-014_topsoil_packet.pdf  10-014 Imported Topsoil for OSVP Multipurpose Field
city_survey_responders_10-013.pdf  RFQ 10-013 City Survey
bid_tab_of_responders_10-012.pdf  10-012 Graphic Design for NewsFlash Publication Bid Responses
165521112010bid_tab_of_responders_10-012.pdf  10-012 Newsflash RFQ Responses -- Revised
10-014_bid_tab_topsoil.pdf  10-014 Topsoil Tab
dell_diamond_resurface.pdf  10-016 Re-Surfacing of Parking Lot at Dell Diamond
tab_and_evaluation_10-002.pdf  10-002 Shelter Tab
10-001_shelter_system_ifb_add_1_pkt.pdf  10-002 Shelter Packet
16151692201010-001_shelter_system_ifb_add_1_pkt.pdf  10-002 Shelter Pkt _add1
161559922010tab_and_evaluation_10-002.pdf  10-002 Shelter Tab
rfq_10-006_packet_historic_survey_11.09.pdf  10-006 Historic Survey (Quotes)
11411983201010-961-20_eils.pdf  10-015 Qualified Scheduling Entities Services For Emergency Interruptible Load Service Program
10-016_tabulation.pdf  10-016 Tabulation
responders_rfp__10-010.pdf  Responders 10-010 VDI
10-010_virtual_desktop_infrastructure.pdf  10-010 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
ifb_10-017_packet.pdf  10-017 Masonry Maintenance
1322203132010add_1_ifb10-017_3-10.pdf  10-017 addendum 1
tab_ifb10-017.pdf  10-017 Tabulation
ifb_10-017_packet_w_add1.pdf  IFB10-017 Masonry Maint w_add1
134650942010ifb_10-008_pkt_wilco_ila_uniforms.pdf  IFB 10-008 PD & Fire Uniforms Revised
155547164201010-018_land_management_software.pdf  10-018 Land Management Software Packet
10-018_tabulation.pdf  10-018 Tabulation
10-015_tabulation.pdf  10-015 Tabulation
10-007rfp_av_recording_system_pkt.pdf  RFP10-007 A/V RECORDING SYSTEM
16447174201010-007rfp_av_recording_system_pkt.pdf  rfp10-007 av recording system rev
10-020_placement_of_atms.pdf  10-020 Placement of ATMs
10-007_addendum_1_rfp.pdf  RFP10-007 A/V Recording System
10-021_solar_photovoltaic__pv__system.pdf  10-021 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
1251105201010-007_addendum_1_rfp.pdf  10-007 addendum
tab_and_evaluation_rfp10-007.pdf  Response 10-007 A/V Record System
171646115201010-007rfp_av_recording_system_pkt.pdf  RFP 10-007 A/V Record System pkt
add_1_ifb10-017_3-10.pdf  Addendum 1 10-017, Masonry Maint
10-990-29_consultant_for_hazard_mitigation_plan.pdf  RFP 10-019 Consulting Srvc HMAP
10-019_tabulation.pdf  10-019 Tabulation

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