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Library Library
journal-children.pdf  Reading Journal-Children
children_s_periodical_holdings.pdf  Children's periodical holdings
quilt1.pdf  quilt1
quilt2.pdf  quilt2
piggies_cerditos.pdf  Piggies/Cerditos
quiquiri-mu.pdf  Quiquiri-Mu
alphabet_books.docx  Alphabet Books
counting_jj_table_2010_one_column.pdf  Counting Books
revised_volunteer_agreement_vh.pdf  Volunteer Agreement
revised_volunteer_rights_and_responsibilities_vh.pdf  Volunteer Right & Responsibbilities
current_volunteer_handbook_--_complete_with_sample_letter.pdf  Volunteer Handbook
volunteer_code_of_rules_and_ethics_vh.pdf  Volunteer Code of Rules and Ethics
circ_welcome_brochure_espanol.pdf  Spanish Circulation Welcome Brochure
ipac_my_accountboth_sides_espanol.pdf  Spanish iPac My Account
spanish_intro__ms_word_2010.pdf  Spanish Introduction to MS Word 2010
memorial__honorarium_gift_form_updated_1-2012.pdf  Memorial-Honorarium Gift Form (revised 1.12)
heartscreentips.pdf  Heartscreen Tips
membership_form.pdf  Friends of the Round Rock Public Library Membership Form
texsharelibrarylendingpolicies.pdf.pdf  TexShare Lending Policies
meeting_room_reservation_form.pdf  Meeting Room Reservation Form
book_donation_policy.pdf  Book Donation Policy
2013srplogfinal.pdf  Adult Summer Reading Program Log 2013
work_learn__play_read_from_home_2013.pdf  Work Learn Play Read From Home 2013
section_0_rrpl_executive_summary_shortened.pdf  Strategic Plan: Executive Summary
section_0_rrpl_introduction_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Introduction
section_1_rrpl_demographics___growth_report_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 1 - Demographics & Growth Report
section_2_rrpl_library_services_analysis_report_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 2 - Library Services Analysis Report
section_3_rrpl_future_trends_report_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 3 - Future Trends Reports
section_4_rrpl_potential_partnerships_report_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 4 - Potential Partnerships Report
section_5_rrpl_swot_analysis_report_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 5 - SWOT Analysis Report
section_6_rrpl_core_library_business_plan_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 6 - Core Library Business Plan
section_7_funding_plan_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 7 - Funding Plan
section_8_action_plan_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Section 8 - Action Plan
appendix_1.1_rrpl_demographic_profile.pdf   Strategic Plan: Appendix 1.1 - Demographic Profile
appendix_1.2_rrpl_population_projections_2013_-_2033.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 1.2 - Population Projections 2013 to 2033
appendix_2.1_rrpl_focus_group_comments.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.1 - Summary of Focus Group Comments
appendix_2.2_rrpl_stakeholders_list.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.2 - Stakeholders Interviewed
appendix_2.3_rrpl_in_library_survey_results.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.3 - In-Library Survey Results
appendix_2.4_rrpl_online_survey_results.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.4 - Online Survey Results
appendix_2.5_rrpl_non-user_telephone_survey.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.5 - Non-User Telephone Survey Results
appendix_2.6_rrpl_peer_community_demographics.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.6 - Comparative Stats: Peer Communities
appendix_2.7_rrpl_peer_library_comparisons.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 2.7 - Comparative Stats: Peer Libraries
appendix_5.1_rrpl_org_charts.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 5.1 - Organization Charts
appendix_5.2_rrpl_collection_age_report.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 5.2 - Collection Age Reports
appendix_5.3_rrpl_building_retrofit_costs.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 5.3 - Existing Building Retrofilt Costs
appendix_5.5_rrpl_2009_vs_2012_stats_final.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 5.5. - Five-Year Use Comparison 2009-2012
appendix_7_1_rrpl_operational_budget_projections.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 7.1 - Operational Budget Projections
appendix_7_2_rrpl_value_of_service.pdf  Strategic Plan: Appendix 7.2 - Estimate Value of Selected Services
1627521192013rrpl_strategic_master_plan_2013_w_shortened_exc_sum.pdf  Strategic Plan: Complete
2013-09-09_book_donation_policy.pdf  Book Donation Policy - Revised 9.9.13
friends_of_library_brochure.pdf  Friends of the Library Brochure
zinio_mags.pdf  Zinio Magazines Available through the Round Rock Public Library
wilco_tax_centers.pdf  Wilco Tax Preparers
book_donation_policy_20140317.pdf  Book Donation Policy 2014
insure_central_texas_flyer_for_deadline-extension.pdf  Insure Central Texas Deadline Flyer
adult_srp_2014.pdf  Adult Summer Reading Log 2014

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