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 Construction Requirements

The information below is excerpted from the General Notes listed in the City of Round Rock Design and Construction Standards and is required on all City of Round Rock construction plans.  Please note that changes to the general notes in the standards may be made at any time as deemed necessary by the City Engineer.

1. All construction shall be in accordance with the City of Round Rock Standard Specifications Manual

2. Any existing utilities, pavement, curbs, sidewalks, structures, trees, etc., not planned for destruction or removal that are damaged or removed shall be repaired or replaced at contractor's expense.

3. The Contractor shall verify all depths and locations of existing utilities prior to any construction. Any discrepancies with the construction plans found in the field shall be brought immediately to the attention of the Engineer who shall be responsible for revising the plans as appropriate.

4. Manhole frames, covers, valves, cleanouts, etc. shall be raised to finished grade prior to final paving construction.

5. The Contractor shall give the City of Round Rock 48 hours notice before beginning each phase of construction. Telephone (512) 218-3241 (Construction Inspection - Main Line).

6. All areas disturbed or exposed during construction shall be revegetated in accordance with the plans and specifications. Revegetation of all disturbed or exposed areas shall consist of sodding or seeding, at the Contractor's option. However, the type of revegetation must equal or exceed the type of vegetation present before construction.

7. Prior to any construction, the Design Engineer shall convene a pre-construction meeting between himself/herself, the City of Round Rock, the Contractor, other utility companies, any affected parties and any other entities the City or Design Engineer may require.

8. The Contractor and the Design Engineer shall keep accurate records of all construction that deviates from the plans. The Design Engineer shall furnish the City of Round Rock accurate "As-Built" drawings following completion of all construction. These "As-Built" drawings shall meet with the satisfaction of the Development Services Office prior to final acceptance.

9. The Round Rock City Council shall not be petitioned for acceptance until all necessary easement documents have been signed and recorded.

10. When construction is being carried out within easements, the Contractor shall confine their work within the permanent and any temporary easements. Prior to final acceptance, the Contractor shall be responsible for removing all trash and debris within the permanent and temporary easements. Clean-up shall be to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

11. Prior to any construction, the Contractor shall apply for and secure all proper permits from the appropriate authorities.

12. Available benchmarks (City of Round Rock Datum) that may be utilized for the construction of this project are described as follows:

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1. In accordance with the Laws of the State of Texas and the U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, all trenches over 5 feet in depth in either hard and compact or soft and unstable soil shall be sloped, shored, sheeted, braced or otherwise supported. Furthermore, all trenches less than 5 feet in depth shall also be effectively protected when hazardous ground movement may be expected.  Trench safety systems to be utilized for each project will be provided to contractor.

2. In accordance with the U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, when persons are in trenches 4 feet deep or more, adequate means of exit, such as a ladder or steps, must be provided and located so as to require no more than 25 feet of lateral travel.

3. If trench safety system details were not provided in the plans because trenches were anticipated to be less than 5 feet in depth and during construction it is found that trenches are in fact 5 feet or more in depth or trenches less than 5 feet in depth are in an area where hazardous ground movement is expected, all construction shall cease, the trenched area shall be barricaded and the engineer notified immediately. Construction shall not resume until appropriate trench safety system details, as designed by a professional engineer, are retained and copies submitted to the City of Round Rock.

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1. All testing shall be done by an independent laboratory at the Owner's expense. Any re-testing shall be paid for by the Contractor. A City inspector shall be present during all tests. Testing shall be coordinated with the City inspector and he shall be given a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to any testing.

2. Backfill behind the curb shall be compacted to obtain a minimum of 95% maximum density to within 3" of the top of curb. Material used shall be primarily granular with no rocks larger than 6" in the greatest dimension. The remaining 3" shall be clean topsoil free from all clods and suitable for sustaining plant life.

3. Depth of cover for all crossings under pavement including gas, electric, telephone, cable tv, water services, etc., shall be a minimum of 30" below subgrade.

4. Street rights-of-way shall be graded at a slope of 1/4" per foot toward the curb unless otherwise indicated. However, in no case shall the width of right-of-way at 1/4" per foot slope be less than 10 feet unless a specific request for an alternate grading scheme is made to and accepted by the City of Round Rock Development Services Office.

5. Barricades built to City of Round Rock standards shall be constructed on all dead-end streets and as necessary during construction to maintain job and public safety.

6. All reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) shall be minimum class III.

7. Bedding for storm sewer pipe shall be 1/2" to 1 1/4" and be to the top of pipe.

8. The subgrade material for the streets shown herein was tested by ___________________________________ and the paving sections designed in accordance with the current City of Round Rock design criteria. The paving sections are to be constructed as follows:

  Street       Station     Flexible Base 
 Lime Stabilization
The Geotechnical Engineer shall inspect the subgrade for compliance with the design assumptions made during preparation of the Soils Report. Any adjustments that are required shall be made through revision of the construction plans.

9. Where the plasticity index is over 20, subgrades must be stabilized utilizing a method acceptable to the City Engineer. The Geotechnical Engineer shall recommend an appropriate subgrade stabilization if sulfates are determined to be present.

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1. Pipe material for water mains shall be PVC (AWWA C-900, minimum class 200), or Ductile Iron (AWWA C-100, minimum class 200).  Water services (2" or less) shall be polyethylene tubing (black, 200 psi, DR 9).

2. Pipe material for pressure wastewater mains shall be PVC (AWWA C-900, minimum class 150), or Ductile Iron (AWWA C-100, min. class 200). Pipe material for gravity wastewater mains shall be PVC (ASTM D2241 or D3034, maximum DR-26), Ductile Iron (AWWA C-100, minimum class 200).

3. Unless otherwise accepted by the City Engineer, depth of cover for all lines out of the pavement shall be 42" minimum, and depth of cover for all lines under pavement shall be a min. of 30" below subgrade.

4. All fire hydrant leads shall be ductile iron pipe (AWWA C-100, minimum class 200).

5. All iron pipe and fittings shall be wrapped with minimum 8-mil polyethylene and sealed with duct tape or equal accepted by the City Engineer.

6. The Contractor shall contact their construction inspector to coordinate utility tie-ins and notify the inspector at least 48 hours prior to connecting to existing lines.

7. All manholes shall be concrete with cast iron ring and cover. All manholes located outside of the pavement shall have bolted covers. Tapping of fiberglass manholes will not be allowed.

8. The Contractor must obtain a bulk water permit or purchase and install a water meter for all water used during construction. A copy of this permit must be carried at all times by any person using the water.

9. Line flushing or any activity using a large quantity of water must be scheduled with the water & wastewater superintendent.

10. The Contractor, at his expense, shall perform sterilization of all potable water lines constructed and shall provide all equipment (including test gauges), supplies (including concentrated chlorine disinfecting material), and necessary labor required for the sterilization procedure. The sterilization procedure shall be monitored by City of Round Rock personnel. Water samples will be collected by the City of Round Rock to verify each treated line has attained an initial chlorine concentration of 50 ppm.  Where means of flushing is necessary, the Contractor, at his expense, shall provide flushing devices and remove said devices prior to final acceptance by the City of Round Rock.

11. Sampling taps shall be brought up to 3 feet above grade and shall be easily accessible for City personnel. At the Contractor's request, and in his presence, samples for bacteriological testing will be collected by the City of Round Rock not less than 24 hours after the treated line has been flushed of the concentrated chlorine solution and charged with water approved by the City. The Contractor shall supply a check or money order, payable to the City of Round Rock, to pay the testing fee for each water sample. For City of Round Rock testing fees please call the Environmental Services Lab at 512-218-5561.

12. The Contractor, at his expense, shall perform quality testing for all wastewater pipe installed and pressure pipe hydrostatic testing of all water lines constructed and shall provide all equipment (including pumps and gauges), supplies and labor necessary to perform the tests. Quality and pressure testing shall be monitored by City of Round Rock personnel.

13. The Contractor shall coordinate testing with the City Inspector and provide no less than 24 hours notice prior to performing sterilization, quality testing or pressure testing.

14. The Contractor shall not open or close any valves unless authorized by the City of Round Rock.

15. All valve boxes and covers shall be cast iron.

16. All water service, wastewater service and valve locations shall be appropriately marked as follows

  • water service "W" on top of curb
  • wastewater service "S" on top of curb
  • valve "V" on face of curb
Tools for marking the curb shall be provided by the Contractor.  Other appropriate means of marking service and valve locations shall be provided in areas without curbs. Such means of marking shall be as specified by the Engineer and accepted by the City of Round Rock.

17. Contact the City of Round Rock Vault Manager at 218-6604 for assistance in obtaining existing water and wastewater locations.

18. The City of Round Rock Fire Department shall be notified 48 hours prior to testing of any building sprinkler piping in order that the Fire Department may monitor such testing.

19. Sand, as described in Specification item 510 pipe, shall not be used as bedding for water and wastewater lines.  Acceptable bedding materials are pipe bedding stone, pea gravel and in lieu of sand, a naturally occurring or manufactured stone material conforming to ASTM C33 for stone quality and meeting the following gradation specification:

 Sieve Size  

 Percent Retained By Weight









Reference Bedding Details:
          Water non-paved
Water paved
Wastewater non-paved
Wastewater paved

Refer to details below for specific details.
WT-01 - Water Service Casing Detail  




WT-02 - One 5/8", 3/4" or 1" Water Meter Detail  




WT-03 - One 1 1/2" or 2" Water Meter Detail  




WT-04 - Two 5/8" or 3/4" Water Meters Detail  




WT-05 - Fire Hydrant Assembly Detail  




20. The Contractor is hereby notified that connecting to, shutting down, or terminating existing utility lines may have to occur at off-peak hours.  Such hours are usually outside normal working hours and possibly between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.

21. All wastewater construction shall be in accordance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Regulations,  30 TAC Chapter 213 and 317, as applicable.  Whenever TCEQ and City of Round Rock specifications conflict, the more stringent shall apply.

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1. Any methods, street markings and signage necessary for warning motorists, warning pedestrians or diverting traffic during construction shall conform to the Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways, latest edition.

2. All pavement markings, markers, paint, traffic buttons, traffic controls and signs shall be installed in accordance with the Texas Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction of Highways, Streets and Bridges and the Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways, latest editions.

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1. Erosion control measures, site work and restoration work shall be in accordance with the City of Round Rock Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance.

2. All slopes shall be sodded or seeded with approved grass, grass mixtures or ground cover suitable to the area and season in which they are applied.

3. Silt fences, rock berms, sedimentation basins and similarly recognized techniques and materials shall be employed during construction to prevent point source sedimentation loading of downstream facilities. Such installation shall be regularly inspected by the City of Round Rock for effectiveness. Additional measures may be required if, in the opinion of the City Engineer, they are warranted.

4. All temporary erosion control measures shall not be removed until final inspection and approval of the project by the Design Engineer. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to maintain all temporary erosion control structures and to remove each structure as approved by the Design Engineer.

5. All mud, dirt, rocks, debris, etc., spilled, tracked or otherwise deposited on existing paved streets, drives and areas used by the public shall be cleaned up immediately.

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