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 Downtown Zoning Revisions

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City Council adopts downtown rezoning.   
At its July 25 meeting, the City Council adopted the rezoning of many downtown properties to one of the three new mixed-use zoning districts. The rezoning map adopted by the City Council at the July 25 meeting is posted below (click image to enlarge).   A list of affected addresses is also available.  

The three new mixed-use zoning districts were adopted by the Council at its July 11, 2013 meeting and have been incorporated into the Code of Ordinances:


Frequently Asked Questions
In response to questions from the public hearing at the May 15 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, we've assembled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the downtown zoning proposal.
En respuesta a preguntas hechas en la audiencia pública el 15 de mayo, hemos puesto una lista de preguntas frecuentes (FAQs) sobre la propuesta de zonificación de la ciudad.

In 2010 City Council adopted the Downtown Master Plan to serve as a vision for how to guide the redevelopment of downtown Round Rock.  The Plan was created with significant public input in the form of public hearings, open houses, and interactive charrettes.  The Plan contains a series of public infrastructure and zoning recommendations the City should follow in order to achieve this vision.

The City has completed many of the public improvements and has more currently under construction and in the pipeline.  In the meantime, City Staff, with the help of a Working Group consisting of 13 downtown home and business owners, plus members of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission, has developed mixed-use zoning districts to fulfill many of the remaining recommendations of the Plan.

The Downtown Master Plan recommended 10 “transect zones” that were a hybrid of traditional zoning and form-based codes (a code that focuses on the look of a building rather than on the specific uses inside the building).  The transect zones covered downtown as well as areas extending north along Mays Street, past Palm Valley Blvd., and west to Interstate 35.

Staff and the Working Group agreed that having 10 different sets of standards in the downtown area was too much, and the minor differences between each zone were too confusing.  As a result, it was decided that it would be best to initially focus on a smaller area and consolidate some of the transects into three mixed-use zoning districts.  Doing so will make it easier for business owners, home owners, potential developers, City Staff, and everyone else to understand, interpret, and apply the regulations.  

MU-1 (Mixed-Use Historic Commercial Core)  
Purpose: to establish areas of mixed land uses primarily devoted to combining low to moderate density commercial development with limited residential uses.  MU-1 seeks to become the retail, restaurant, and entertainment district for downtown Round Rock with an active and pedestrian-friendly streetscape, and with residential or other uses on upper floors of multi-story buildings.  The design standards encourage development that is compatible with and complementary to the existing two-block National Register Historic District, while not trying to imitate it.      

MU-2 (Mixed-Use Downtown Medium Density)  
Purpose: to establish areas of mixed land uses primarily devoted to combining moderate density residential development with moderate density commercial development.  MU-2 seeks to become a true mixed-use neighborhood with many housing types that are located in the same building as or adjacent to commercial and office uses.  The MU-2 district encourages the creation of a neighborhood where residents can live, work, and play while reducing the need to drive everywhere.  Design standards will encourage more creativity and variety in building styles.     

MU-L (Mixed-Use Limited)  
Purpose: to allow single-family and limited commercial uses in structures that are residential in style.  In keeping with recommendations of the Downtown Master Plan, the eastern part of downtown will remain primarily single-family residential, but some commercial uses may be appropriate for streets that see heavier traffic.  These uses include office, bed and breakfast, limited personal services, and boutique and artisanal shops.  Such uses are not permitted to build new, commercial-looking buildings; they must convert an existing house or build a new residential-looking structure and conform to standards that ensure their operation is compatible with abutting single-family houses.  

Downtown Supplementary Use Standards   
Certain conditions that apply to specific land uses in the MU-1, MU-2 and MU-L zoning districts are described in the Supplementary Use Standards.

Share your comments  
If you’d like to submit comments outside of a public hearing, please contact Joelle Jordan (512-218-5422) or Bradley Dushkin (512-671-2728). Para información en español sobre la propuesta de rezonificación del centro, por favor llame al 512-218-5428.  

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