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Round Rock, Texas - Purpose. Passion. Prosperity.
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City of Round Rock, Texas
221 E. Main Street
Round Rock, Texas 78664

AccountingPhone Number
Accounting Main Number512-218-5443
Accounts Payable A - L512-218-5431
Accounts Payable M - Z512-218-5434
Collect NSF Checks for City Departments512-218-5469
Contract Management512-218-5433
Franchise Fee Collections512-218-5433
Grant Reporting512-218-5436
Payroll Accounting512-218-2735
Project Contract Payments512-218-5441
Retain/Release Letters of Credit and Payment Bonds512-218-5433
AdministrationPhone Number
Administration Main Number512-218-5401
Citizens Concerns, Questions, and Issues512-218-5401
City Council512-218-5410
City Hall Receptionist512-218-5400
City Manager512-218-5410
Special Event Permits512-218-5401
Building InspectionPhone Number
Building Inspection Main Number512-218-5550
Building Permits512-218-5550
Commercial Electrical Inspections or Concerns512-218-3244
Commercial Plumbing Inspections or Concerns512-218-5550
Commercial Project Status or Inquiries512-218-5550
Commercial Structural Inspections or Concerns512-218-3248
Residential Inspections Questions512-218-3248
Residential Inspections Scheduling512-341-3131
City ClerkPhone Number
City Clerk's Main Number512-218-5401
Alcoholic Beverage Applications512-218-5404
Boards and Commissions512-218-5404
City Charter512-218-5404
City Elections512-218-5404
Code Book Updates512-218-6644
Legal Notices512-218-5404
Open House Sign Permits512-218-5401
Open Records Requests512-218-5404
Proclamation Requests512-218-5401
Public Records512-218-5404
Records Management512-218-5404
CommunicationPhone Number
Communications Main Number512-218-5401
Channel 10 / City's Governmental Access Channel512-218-5409
City Beat512-218-5409
City Focus512-218-5409
News Flash Newsletter (inserted in Utility bills)512-218-5409
Convention and Visitors BureauPhone Number
Convention and Visitors Bureau Main Number512-218-7023
EmergencyPhone Number
Street & Storm Water Drainage -- Emergency512-688-0398
Water Line Break - Emergency512-218-5555
Environmental ServicesPhone Number
Environmental Services Main Number512-218-5559
Hazardous Waste Collection512-218-5559
Industrial Waste Ordinance512-218-5561
Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste512-244-0166
Restaurant/Industrial Wastewater Sampling512-218-5561
Street & Storm Water Drainage -- Emergency512-688-0398
Wastewater Discharge Permits512-218-5537
Wastewater Surcharge Billing512-218-5561
Water / Wastewater Tests512-218-5561
Water Lab Account Fees512-218-5559
Fire DepartmentPhone Number
Blood Pressure Checks512-218-5591
Blue Santa Assistance512-218-5500
Child, Home, and Fire Safety512-218-6632
Emergency Management512-218-6632
Fire Cause Investigation512-218-6632
Fire Code Compliance512-218-6632
Fire Department Main Number512-218-5590
Honor Guard512-218-5597
Information Assistance512-218-5591
Juvenile Fire Setter's Program512-218-6632
Statistical Information 512-218-6632
Technical Rescue512-218-6629
Tours / Demonstrations512-218-5591
Training / Recruiting512-218-6634
Human ResourcesPhone Number
Human Resources Main Number512-218-5490
Health, Safety, and Environmental Program512-218-6643
Job Posting and Recruiting512-218-5490
Risk Management - Property and Liability512-218-6643
Information TechnologyPhone Number
Information Technology Main Number512-218-3211
Information Technology Management512-218-5450
Infrastructure Dev & Construction MgmtPhone Number
Benchmark / Monument Information512-218-6604
Building Inspection Main Number512-218-5550
Construction Runoff Complaints512-671-2867
Development Services512-218-7043
Floodplain Information512-218-6604
Public Infrastructure Inspections512-218-6604
Record Drawings and Standard Details512-218-6604
Storm Drain Illicit Dumping512-218-7046
Stormwater / Drainage Information512-218-7046
Streetcut / Access Driveway Permits512-218-6605
Streetlight Repair512-218-5566
Water / Wastewater Availability Letter512-341-3145
LibraryPhone Number
Library Main Number512-218-7000
Children's Services512-218-7011
Donations & Memorials512-218-3283
Inter-Library Loan512-341-3160
Online Catalog512-218-7000
Policies & Procedures512-218-7010
Reference Assistance512-218-7000
Room Reservations512-218-7005
Teen Services512-218-7012
Volunteer Programs512-218-3279
Municipal CourtPhone Number
Municipal Court Main Number512-218-5480
Jury Panels and Duty512-218-5480
Notary Service512-218-5480
Other Useful NumbersPhone Number
Artisan Stroll Information512-341-8788
Capital Area Rural Transit System (CARTS)512-478-7433
Department of Public Safety (Georgetown)512-863-5816
Forest Creek Golf Course512-388-2874
Head Start Program512-255-4536
Home Owners Association Listing512-341-3148
Humane Society of Williamson County512-260-3602
Old Settlers Association and RV Park512-388-1733
Round Rock Chamber of Commerce512-255-5805
Round Rock Hospital512-341-1000
Round Rock Independent School District512-464-5000
Round Rock Refuse (Residential Garbage Service and Curbside Recycling)512-255-4980
Round Rock Serving Center512-244-2431
Summertime Express Bus512-218-5540
Texas Baptist Children's Home512-255-3668
Texas Workforce Commission512-244-2207
TXU Energy800-242-9113
Volunteer Center512-733-7625
Williamson County Annex512-248-3278
Williamson County EMS512-943-1264
Williamson County Health Department512-930-4387
Williamson County Landfill in Hutto512-759-8881
Williamson County Main Number512-930-4300
Parks & RecreationPhone Number
Adult and Youth Athletic Program Registrations 512-218-5540
Afterschool / Day Camp Programs512-341-3220
Aquatic Program General Questions512-218-3320
Baca Center512-218-5499
Brush Pick Up Requests512-218-5540
Brush Recycle Center512-310-7031
Clay Madsen Recreation Center512-218-3214
CMRC Memberships, Rentals, Program Registration512-218-3214
CMRC Office / Clerical, Deposit Reports512-218-3214
CMRC Special Events512-218-3216
CMRC Swimming Pool512-341-3343
CMRC Weightroom / Racquetball Courts512-218-3217
PARD Administration Office512-218-5540
Parks and Recreation Main Number512-218-5540
Parks Landscaping512-341-3348
Parks Mowing512-341-3348
Recreation Classes and Workshops512-218-3216
Right of Way Mowing512-341-3348
Smart Program512-341-3343
PlanningPhone Number
Planning Main Number512-218-5428
Code Enforcement512-341-3328
Community Development Block Grant Programs512-341-3328
Development Review Committee512-341-3321
Habitat for Humanity 512-341-3328
Historic Preservation 512-218-5422
Ordinance Revisions512-218-5425
Residential Parking Permits512-218-5415
Site Plans, License Agreements, Landscape Ordinance512-341-3175
Temporary Use Permit512-218-5421
Zoning & PUDs512-341-3174
Zoning Enforcement / Sign Review512-218-5424
Zoning Verification Letter512-218-5421
PolicePhone Number
Abandoned Vehicles512-218-5515
Animal Control512-218-5500
Blue Santa Assistance512-218-5500
Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association 512-218-5520
Crime Stats512-218-5524
Hire Off-Duty Officers512-218-5527
Home Safety Inspections512-218-5500
Junked Vehicles512-218-5534
Lock Box512-671-2858
National Night Out512-218-5500
Neighborhood Watch512-218-5500
Parade Permit512-218-5527
Police Department Main Number (Non- Emergency)512-218-5515
Safe Return (Alzheimer's)512-218-5500
Seniors and Law Enforcement512-218-5520
Telephone Assistance Program512-218-5520
Public WorksPhone Number
General Services512-671-2890
Public Works Main Number512-218-5555
Wastewater Backup512-218-5555
Water Leaks / Water Main Breaks512-218-5555
PurchasingPhone Number
Auction 512-218-5457
Purchasing Main Number512-218-7069
TransportationPhone Number
Air Quality512-218-6617
Arterial Construction 512-218-7044
Map Requests512-218-6604
Potholes and Paving512-341-3137
Road Striping & Issues512-218-5566
Roadway Construction Timelines512-218-7044
Street and Drainage Issues512-341-3137
Street Sign Requests & Issues512-218-5566
Streetlight Repair512-218-5566
Traffic Calming Program512-218-6601
Traffic Signal Requests & Issues512-218-5566
Traffic Study Request512-218-6601
Transportation General Inquiries512-218-7044
Vehicle Counts512-218-6601
Utility BillingPhone Number
Utility Billing Main Number512-218-5460
Utility Connect/Disconnect512-218-5460
Water and WastewaterPhone Number
Construction Runoff Complaints512-671-2867
Consumer Confidence Reporting512-341-3333
Fire Hydrant Painting512-341-3185
Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance512-341-3185
Lake Georgetown Level512-341-3331
Manhole Repair512-218-5555
Meter Box Repairs512-218-5579
Restaurant/Industrial Wastewater Sampling512-218-5561
Sod and Loam 512-341-3183
Storm Drain Illicit Dumping512-218-7046
Utility Capital Improvement Projects Information 512-218-5554
Wastewater Backup512-218-5555
Wastewater Line Maintenance and Repair512-218-5555
Wastewater Line Repair Scheduling512-218-5555
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Questions512-218-5577
Water and Wastewater Utilities Main Number512-218-5555
Water Conservation512-671-2872
Water Leak Repair Scheduling512-218-5555
Water Leaks / Water Main Breaks512-218-5555
Water Line Break - Emergency512-218-5555
Water Plant Daily Operations512-218-5582
Water Plant Tours512-341-3331
Water Quality Questions512-218-5582
Water Usage Reports512-341-3331
Water Treatment PlantPhone Number
Water Treatment Plant Main Number512-218-5582

City of Round Rock | 221 East Main Street, Round Rock, Texas 78664 | Phone: (512) 218-5400
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