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 Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Sydnee Best Associate Engineer 512-218-7045 Send Email 
Allen Brantley Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Cole Closs Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Farren Curtis CMRC Recreation Coordinator 512-218-3216 Send Email 
James "JJ" Lillibridge Jr. Recreation Coordinator 512-341-2704 Send Email 
Aleah Stowe Administrative Associate 512-218-3270 Send Email 
Monique Adams Assistant to the City Manager 512-218-3234 Send Email 
Joe Brehm Neighborhood Services Coordinator 512-341-3148 Send Email 
Kristin Brown Special Events Coordinator 512-218-5447 Send Email 
Saridon Chambless Executive Assistant 512-218-5410 Send Email 
Laurie Hadley Assistant City Manager 512-218-5430 Send Email 
Will Hampton Communication Director 512-218-5409 Send Email 
Brian Ligon Multimedia Specialist 512-671-2807 Send Email 
Shannon McIntire Information Specialist 512-218-5407 Send Email 
Cynthia Mouser Receptionist 512-218-5400 Send Email 
Courtney Nielson Downtown Manager 512-218-5403 Send Email 
Steve Norwood City Manager 512-218-5410 Send Email 
Raquel Quiles Administrative Associate 512-218-5401 Send Email 
Meagan Spinks Assistant City Clerk 512-218-6644 Send Email 
Sara White City Clerk 512-218-5404 Send Email 
Scot Wilkinson Arts Director 512-671-2705 Send Email 
Bryan Williams Assistant City Manager 512-218-6650 Send Email 

City Attorney
Name Title Phone E-mail
Susan Camp-Lee Municipal Court Prosecutor 512-341-3399 Send Email 
Don Childs  512-218-7053 Send Email 
Charles Crossfield  512-218-7052 Send Email 
J. Kay Gayle  512-218-7080 Send Email 
Steve Sheets City Attorney 512-218-7050 Send Email 

Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Name Title Phone E-mail
Alan Bradley Events Manager 512-671-2723 Send Email 
Stacey Dempsey Administrative Assistant 512-218-7023 Send Email 
Nancy Yawn Director, CVB 512-218-7094 Send Email 

Development Services
Name Title Phone E-mail
Sydnee Best Associate Engineer (512) 218-7045 Send Email 
David Bost Senior Planner 512-341-3175 Send Email 
Jeffrey Brooks Associate Engineer (512) 341-3363 Send Email 
Laton Carr Senior Engineer 512-218-3238 Send Email 
Kamie Fitzgerald Planner 512-671-2702 Send Email 
Aneil Naik Development Services Manager 512-671-2753 Send Email 
Amanda Neil Administrative Assistant (512) 341-3161 Send Email 
Roxanne Valadez Planner Technician 512-218-6658 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Brian Burt Accountant 512-671-2733 Send Email 
Chris Childs Budget Analyst 512-218-3296 Send Email 
Sherri Crone Accounting Supervisor 512-218-5443 Send Email 
Marcie Fiedler Senior Accounting Technician 512-218-5441 Send Email 
Jerry Galloway Controller 512-218-5432 Send Email 
Misty Gray Administrative Assistant 512-218-7021 Send Email 
Corinne Hooker Payroll Coordinator 512-671-2735 Send Email 
Mary Ann Kubacak Accounting Technician 512-218-5438 Send Email 
Lorie Lankford Asst. Finance Director 512-218-3295 Send Email 
Susan LeFan Accounting Tech 512-218-5433 Send Email 
Dodi Lilja Accounting Technician 512-218-5431 Send Email 
Marjorie Montufar Accounting Technician 512-218-5440 Send Email 
Lynn Olsen Senior Accountant 512-218-5437 Send Email 
Jodi Rhodes Budget Supervisor 512-341-3338 Send Email 
Olivia Riley Accounting Mgr 512-341-3300 Send Email 
Cindy Savary Senior Accounting Technician 512-218-5436 Send Email 
Angie Scott Accounting Technician 512-218-5434 Send Email 
Joan Sharp Senior Accountant 512-218-3297 Send Email 
Becca Thibodaux  Accountant 512-671-2732 Send Email 
Sylvia Willhite Accounting Technician 512-218-5469 Send Email 
Elaine Wilson Accounting Manager 512-218-5444 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Douglas Abbe Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Brad Allamon Captain  512-218-5590  
Zaira Amado Logistics Officer 512-218-5590  
Gregory Andres Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Robert Arden Driver 512-218-5590  
Chris Barnes Lieutenant  512-218-5590  
Brent Barton Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Johnnie Bohac Captain 512-218-5590  
Joshua Bonney Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Michael Boyd Driver 512-218-5590  
Jon Brownell Driver 512-218-5590  
Manuel Bruner Driver 512-218-5590  
Luke Clark Driver 512-218-5590  
Trent Classen Firefighter 512-218-5590  
William Clifton Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Bradley Clopton Firefighter 512-218-5590  
David Coatney Fire Chief 512-218-5591 Send Email 
Billy Colburn Captain 512-218-5590  
John Collins Captain 512-218-5590  
Terry Cornella Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Steve Crew Driver 512-218-5590  
Howard Cruse Battalion Chief 512-218-5590  
Aaron Danner Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Johnny Davidson Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Ben Davis Lieutenant / Prevention 512-671-2866  
Valentin Diaz Driver 512-218-5590  
Charles Dittman Battalion Chief / Administration 512-671-2776 Send Email 
John Dittman Battalion Chief 512-218-5590  
Allen Duennenberg Captain 512-218-5590  
Rob Eggeling Captain / Training 512-218-3202 Send Email 
James Faske Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jeff Foster Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Grady Fowles Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Zach French Driver 512-218-5590  
Ryan Frields Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Joseph Fritzinger Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Ken Gauthier Captain 512-218-5590  
Shane Glasier Battalion Chief 512-218-5590  
Kirk Glass Captain 512-218-5590  
Landon Glass Driver 512-218-5590  
James Gossard Captain/EMS Coordinator 512-218-5590  
Jason Hamilton Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Ryan Hamilton Driver 512-218-5590  
Stuart Hamilton Captain 512-218-5590  
Mike Heard Lieutenant / Prevention 512-218-3204  
Andy Heustis Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Troy Hirsch Driver 512-218-5590  
Jeremy Hobratsch Driver 512-218-5590  
Quintin Hoelscher Captain 512-218-5590  
Chad Hosch Driver 512-218-5590  
Mark Jaeger Lieutenant/Prevention 512-218-5590  
Steven Jewell Captain 512-218-5590  
Benjamin Jirasek Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Daniel Jirasek Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Joe Johnson Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Karen Johnson Logistics Officer 512-218-5590 Send Email 
Sasha Keleman Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Rob Kellenberger Driver 512-218-5590  
David Kieschnick Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Dennis Kincheloe Battalion Chief / Prevention 512-218-5590  
Lewis King Battalion Chief / Training 512-218-3202 Send Email 
Jody Knox Admin Tech / Front Desk 512-218-5591 Send Email 
Ronnie Krause Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Matt Kunard Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Tim Kyle Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jared Ladner Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Brandon Lincoln Lieutenant  512-218-5590  
Michael Lindsey Driver 512-218-5590  
David Lovejoy Driver 512-218-5590  
Angelo Luna Administrative Manager 512-218-5590  
Drew Lyman Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Joel Mace Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Danny Marks Office Manager 512-218-3203 Send Email 
Todd Mascheck Driver 512-218-5590  
Gabe Medina Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Micah Mensch Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Shane Mikulencak Driver 512-218-5590  
Dorothy Miller Emergency Management Coordinator 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Dylan Milstead Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jeremy Morris Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Mike Morrow Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Charlie Myers Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Doug Nelson Driver / Training 512-218-3202 Send Email 
Nolan Nichols Driver 512-218-5590  
Steven Noack Driver 512-218-5590  
Danny Nobles Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Tom O'Brien Driver 512-218-5590  
Daniel O'Sail Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Steven Peters Driver 512-218-5590  
Phillip Peterson Driver 512-218-5590  
Wayne Pietzch Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jeremy Porter Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Steven Puckett Driver 512-218-5590  
Thad Putnam Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Matt Quade Driver 512-218-5590  
Richard Rago Captain 512-218-5590  
Jaime Rodriguez Driver 512-218-5590  
Jason Rutherford Captain 512-218-5590  
Mark Selby Captain / Prevention Division 512-218-6633 Send Email 
Darwin Shell Lieutenant  512-218-5590  
Joshua Sherek Firefighter 512-218-5590  
James Shofner Driver 512-218-5590  
Bradley Silva Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Karl Sittre Captain 512-218-5590  
Troy Smischney Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Dion Strange Driver 512-218-5590  
Steve Strickland Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Todd Sullivan Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Frank Sykora Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jon Talley Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Jody Virgne Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Ricky Virgne Driver 512-218-5590  
Gunther von Seltmann Captain 512-218-5590  
Patrick Wagner Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Peter Wagner Lieutenant  512-218-5590  
Phillip Walles Lieutenant 512-218-5590  
Gary Wallis Driver 512-218-5590  
Jonathan White Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Mark Whiteaker Captain 512-218-5590  
John Wilkins Firefighter 512-218-5590  
Billy Wusterhausen Assistant Chief 512-218-5590 Send Email 
Bryan Zoch Lieutenant 512-218-5590  

General Services
Name Title Phone E-mail
Michael Andrews Facility Maintenance Technician 512-341-3188 Send Email 
Gabe Apodaca Parts Specialist 512-218-5567 Send Email 
Scott Blakely Mechanic 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Chase Bowden Facility Maintenance Technician  Send Email 
Tammy Brown Custodian 512-748-4861 Send Email 
Raymond Canseco Mechanic 512-218-5565 Send Email 
John Cox Mechanic 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Trish Delatorre Administrative Associate 512-671-2891 Send Email 
Mike DesJardin Mechanic  Send Email 
Pete Dominguez Facilities Manager 512-341-3144 Send Email 
Laura Ellett Administrative Associate 512-671-2706 Send Email 
Mark Felan Mechanic  Send Email 
Corina Fernandez Custodian 512-663-5022 Send Email 
Nathanuel Fernandez Custodian  Send Email 
Pete Gomez Mechanic 512-844-3428 Send Email 
Carlos Gonzales Custodian   
Rochelle Gonzales Administrative Associate  512-341-3331 Send Email 
Joel Guerra Facility Maintenance Technician 512-341-3188 Send Email 
Letty Hernandez Administrative Assistant 512-218-3239 Send Email 
Said Horozovic Custodian 512-663-4391 Send Email 
Rick Joubert Shop Superintendent 512-218-5565  
Pam Keltgen Custodian Supervisor 512-748-4861 Send Email 
Sarah LaCombe Food and Beverage Coordinator 512-341-3181 Send Email 
Padraig Lavin Custodian 512-218-5499  
Henry Lefebvre Mechanic  512-218-5565 Send Email 
James Loyd Facility Maintenance Technician  Send Email 
Chad McDowell General Services Director 512-341-3191 Send Email 
Chad McKenzie Sports Center General Manager 512-218-5488 Send Email 
Curtis Mullins Mechanic 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Melvin Offield Tire & Lube 512-671-2894 Send Email 
Scott Parker Shop Supervisor 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Edward Ramirez Facility Maintenance Technician 512-341-3188 Send Email 
Ashley Reynolds Custodian  Send Email 
Marshall Reynolds Fleet Operations Manager 512-218-5571 Send Email 
Rolando Rodriguez Facility Maintenance Superintendent 512-341-3188 Send Email 
Evan Sanders Events & Marketing Coordinator  512-341-3352  Send Email 
Ruben Santibanez Assistant Operations Coordinator 512-341-3322 Send Email 
Brian Stillman Operations Coordinator  512-218-6607  Send Email 
David Torres Custodian  Send Email 
Monica Warren Custodian   
Travis Wilkes Building Construction Manager 512-341-3317 Send Email 
Richard Will Building Construction Superintendent 512-341-3311 Send Email 

Human Resources
Name Title Phone E-mail
Michael Bennett Risk Manager 512-218-6643 Send Email 
Delores Brisco Administrative Assistant 512-218-3227 Send Email 
Sharon Callis Benefits Specialist 512-218-5490 Send Email 
Kelly Fergusson Human Resources Specialist 512-218-3226 Send Email 
Valerie Francois Director - Human Resources 512-218-5494 Send Email 
Melissa Hermosillo Human Resources Generalist 512-218-5496 Send Email 
Christopher Lane Human Resources Generalist – Senior 512-218-5495 Send Email 
James Light Manager - Benefits 512-341-3143 Send Email 
Lisa Piece-Jones Human Resources Generalist - Senior 512-218-5492 Send Email 
Rachel Somers Human Resources Specialist  512-341-3385 Send Email 
Kevin Vaughn Safety Coordinator 512-218-7092  Send Email 

Information Technology
Name Title Phone E-mail
Gabriel Apodaca User Support Technician 512-801-0712 Send Email 
John Bader Infrastructure Manager 512-671-2750 Send Email 
Brooks Bennett Chief Information Officer 512-671-2731 Send Email 
Paul Brent Network Administrator 512-218-5453 Send Email 
Steve Byrd Senior GIS Analyst 512-671-2726 Send Email 
Chris Collier GIS Manager 512-218-5423 Send Email 
Heath Douglas IT Operations Officer 512-218-5508 Send Email 
Kelly Farley Senior GIS Analyst 512-341-3325 Send Email 
Brian Finger Technology Specialist 512-218-5450 Send Email 
Don Heflin User Support Manager 512-218-3212 Send Email 
Randy Hitt GIS Analyst 512-218-5427 Send Email 
Russell Hoelting Database Administrator 512-218-5454 Send Email 
Kim Jones GIS Analyst 512-218-5426 Send Email 
Omesh Pertob User Support Technician 512-801-0732 Send Email 
Carol Radziewicz Systems Administrator 512-218-5452 Send Email 
Ramsey Saad Application Developer 512-671-2768 Send Email 
Tommy Sauceda Network Administrator 512-218-7072 Send Email 
Daniel Saucedo Enterprise Applications Manager 512-218-5439 Send Email 
Megan Tschoerner Systems Administrator 512-801-0095 Send Email 
Bryan Whitted User Support Technician 512-801-4519 Send Email 
David Wongwai Systems Administrator 512-218-5451 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Pat Bonewitz Library Assistant 512-218-3269 Send Email 
Tricia Brauer Librarian 512-218-7007 Send Email 
Michelle Cervantes Library Director 512-218-7010 Send Email 
Julie Chapa Librarian 512-218-7014 Send Email 
Linda Clark  Librarian  512-218-7000 Send Email 
Jane Dance Librarian  512-218-7012 Send Email 
Joe Diaz Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Jason Dikes Librarian 512-218-3282 Send Email 
Theresa Faris Manager-Library 512-218-3283 Send Email 
Barbara Fondren Library Assistant 512-218-7013 Send Email 
Amy German  Librarian 512-218-7034 Send Email 
Charles (Chip) Hadley Supervisor-Library 512-341-3160 Send Email 
Virginia Hadley Library Assistant 512-218-3279 Send Email 
Geeta Halley Senior Manager-Library 512-218-7018 Send Email 
Jennifer Hunt Supervisor - Library 512-218-7065 Send Email 
Carolyn Johnson Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Janette Johnston  Manager-Library 512-218-7002 Send Email 
Holly Kratz Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Mary Martinez Library Assistant 512-218-7006 Send Email 
Erikka Miller Librarian  512-218-3280 Send Email 
Dora Owens Admin Associate 512-218-7005 Send Email 
Jane Rase Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Susan Repaski Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Elaine Rodriquez Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Rosario Sanchez Library Associate 512-218-7001 Send Email 
Linda Sappenfield Librarian  512-218-7063 Send Email 
Chris Sauder Librarian  512-218-7064 Send Email 
Elaine Turner Library Assistant 512-218-7006 Send Email 
Susan VanDewater Library Associate 512-218-5476 Send Email 
Rehana Vohra Library Assistant 512-218-3229 Send Email 
Andrea Warkentin Librarian  512-218-7011 Send Email 
Edward Young Supervisor-Library 512-218-7008 Send Email 

Municipal Court
Name Title Phone E-mail
Veronica Brockington Municipal Court Supervisor 512-218-5483 Send Email 
Julia Correa Deputy Court Clerk Admin 512-218-5484 Send Email 
Sherril Friedrich Juvenile Case Manager 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Darrell Green Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Joann Lopez Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Paul Ortega Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Juli Place Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Gina Rodriguez Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Lenore Stone Deputy Court Clerk 512-218-5480 Send Email 
Roger Thompson Court Bailiff 512-341-3377 Send Email 
Christine Valdovino Court Clerk Administrator 512-218-5485 Send Email 
John Wynn Bailiff 512-218-5480 Send Email 

Parks & Recreation
Name Title Phone E-mail
Felipe Aleman Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Jillian Arthur Business System Analyst 512 341-3357 Send Email 
Rick Atkins Director 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jorge Avina Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Ron Ayala Park Maintenance II 218-5540 Send Email 
Katie Baker Park Development Specialist 512-341-3355 Send Email 
Arian Bamsch Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Sean Bedner Maint. Crew Leader 218-5540 Send Email 
Lawrence Behringer Recreation Assistant 512-218-5499  
David Buzzell Parks Development Manager 512-341-3345 Send Email 
Rudy Canchola Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Al Carlin Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Orlando Carlin CMRC PM Shift Leader 512-341-3388  
Drew Chatman Aquatics Supervisor 512-341-3367 Send Email 
Jason Cooper Forestry Tech 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Manuel Corona Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
James Couch Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Wade Crimbring Senior Park Ranger 512-341-3150 Send Email 
Reggie Davidson Recreation Manager 512-218-3272 Send Email 
Aileen Dryden Park Development Specialist 512-341-3375 Send Email 
Reshard Durdley Park Ranger 512-801-8795 Send Email 
Davetta Edwards CMRC Office Manager 512-218-3221 Send Email 
Layne Elbers Pool Specialist II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Janie Flores Administrative Tech. I 512-218-3214  
Oscar Flores Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Mary Fusilier Administrative Assistant 512-341-3354 Send Email 
Xavier Garcia Pool Specialist II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Albert Garza Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Kelly Gaydos Recreation Coordinator-Athletics 512-671-2881 Send Email 
Kenneth Goldwire Parks Supervisor 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Randy Gordon Parks Manager 341-3340 Send Email 
Todd Gore Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Roger Heaney Marketing/Communications/Media Relations 512-341-3361 Send Email 
Mary Hemenes CMRC supervisor 512-341-3383 Send Email 
Brittany Holmstrom CMRC Weekend Shift Leader 512-341-3388  
Emsud Horozovic Forestry Manager 512-341-3350 Send Email 
Carol Isaacks Baca Center Office Manager 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Ryan Johnson Construction/Maintenance Foreman 512 341-3349 Send Email 
Johnnie Keith Parks Supervisor 512-218-5544 Send Email 
Willie Keith Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Padraig Lavin Custodian 512-218-5499 Send Email 
J.J. Lillibridge Recreation Program Coordinator 512-218- Send Email 
Teresa Marrs Administrative Tech. I 512-218-3214  
Donald Marshall Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Cath Martel Athletics/Aquatics Manager 512-341-3342 Send Email 
Manuel Martinez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Mingo Martinez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Deborah McRoberts Baca Center Supervisor 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Ralph Montemayor Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Simon Montemayor Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Dawn Moonan Baca Center Recreation Program Coordinator 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Chris Moskal Forestry Tech. 512-218-5540  
Richard Offield Forestry Tech 512-218-5540 Send Email 
John Olloway CMRC AM Shift Leader   
Hugo Ortiz Parks Maintenance Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Andreas Perez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Baltazar Ramirez Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540  
Esteban Ramirez Parks Maintenance Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Abel Reynaga Forestry Tech. 512-218-5540  
Michael Reynaga Brush Recycling Center Rep. 512-341-3359 Send Email 
Ken Rogers Forestry Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jordan Sims Park Maintenance I 512-218-5540  
John Soliz Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540  
Ricci Strayhorn Arborist 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Jenene Uhrig-Jeffries Athletics/Aquatics Supervisor 512-341-3362 Send Email 
Juan Vega Park Maintenance I 512-218-5540  
Monica Warren Custodian 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Paul Wayne Baca Center Bus Driver 512-218-5499 Send Email 
Timothy Weaver Park Maintenance II 218-5540 Send Email 
Kenny Wilkison Parks Crew Leader 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Selisa Woessner Recreation Program Coordinator 512-341-3343 Send Email 
Joey Young Park Maintenance II 512-218-5540 Send Email 
Mary Zambrano Administrative Associate 512-341-3356 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Susan Brennan Planning Manager 512-218-5425 Send Email 
Diane Buck Planner 512-341-3166 Send Email 
Veronica Chandler Planning Technician 512-341-3320 Send Email 
Rick Clark Code Enforcement Manager 512-218-5424 Send Email 
Doug Day Commercial Inspector 512-845-5947 Send Email 
Brad Dushkin Senior Planner 512-671-2728 Send Email 
Frank Ellett Senior Building Inspector 512-748-7622 Send Email 
Savina Gonzalez Administrative Associate (512) 218-5416 Send Email 
Darrell Hall Building Inspector 512-848-7902 Send Email 
Kerstin Harding Planning Technician 512-218-5421 Send Email 
Joelle Jordan Senior Planner 512-218-5422 Send Email 
Hunter Konzen Building Inspector 512-470-9507 Send Email 
Gary Lawrence Chief Electrical Inspector 512-845-5946 Send Email 
Margie Lopez Code Enforcement Officer 512-218-7027 Send Email 
Ashley Lumpkin Senior Planner 512-218-5429 Send Email 
Tim Minier Chief Residential Inspector 512-845-6248 Send Email 
Vickie Moreno Administrative Assistant 512-218-5415 Send Email 
Terry Pringle Senior Building Inspector 512-845-5948 Send Email 
Mark Remmert Chief Building Official 512-218-5550 Send Email 
Rex Richardson Senior Code Enforcement Officer 512-218-5553 Send Email 
Joey Swofford Chief Commercial Inspector 512-845-4494 Send Email 
Carol Turner Permit Technician  512-218-5550 Send Email 
Clyde von Rosenberg Senior Planner 512-341-3174 Send Email 
Sean Williams Code Enforcement Officer 512-218-7049 Send Email 
Brad Wiseman Director 512-341-3321 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Feliciano Acevedo Detective 512-341-3108 Send Email 
Jeff Allen Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Sabina Allison Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Nick Atkinson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Alain Babin Commander 512-218-5519 Send Email 
Allen Banks Chief of Police 512-218-5521 Send Email 
Darin Bayles Sergeant 512-671-2847 Send Email 
Blake Bearden Officer 512-218-5526 Send Email 
Jim Bell Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kevin Bender Detective 512-671-2721 Send Email 
Lloyd Bird Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jason Brandes Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jason Bristow Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Greg Brunson Sergeant 512-671-2850 Send Email 
Chris Bryant Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Angela Butler Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Kristen Byrnes Crime Analyst 512-671-2806 Send Email 
Rosie Canales Administrative Associate 512-341-3140 Send Email 
Justin Carmichael Lieutenant 512-671-2855 Send Email 
Lynn Carmichael Officer 512-218-3253 Send Email 
Leigh Carrico Manager - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Dee Carver Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Joshua Chadney Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Vinnie Cherrone Officer 512-218-6655 Send Email 
Scott Cheshire Evidence Technician 512-341-3397 Send Email 
Joseph Claypool Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Leah Cole Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tracey Cole Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Caitlyn Combs Administrative Associate 512-218-5512 Send Email 
John Combs Detective 512-218-6653 Send Email 
Sampson Connell Sergeant 512-218-2849 Send Email 
Ryan Connolly Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Christopher Cox Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Aaron Crim Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brittany Cunningham Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Justin Davis Sergeant 512-218-6654 Send Email 
Alex Delarosa Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stephanie Derrick Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Paula Dietz Crime Analyst 512-671-2848 Send Email 
Derrick Dillman Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lauren Douglass Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bob Drawbaugh Lieutenant 512-218-5529 Send Email 
Martina Drawbaugh Administrative Associate 512-218-5534 Send Email 
Ivonne Duran Administrative Assistant 512-218-5527 Send Email 
Jesse Eckard Lieutenant 512-218-6671 Send Email 
Troy Evans Assistant Chief 512-218-3252 Send Email 
Jay Ewing Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rosanne Fisher Evidence Technician 512-341-3398 Send Email 
Martin Flores Sergeant 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Todd Forister Detective 512-671-2765 Send Email 
Randall Frederick Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kevin Fruge Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Trellis Gaarder Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Barry Gamache Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-671-2719 Send Email 
Diane Gargano Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-671-2858 Send Email 
Marciano Garza Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mary Gibson Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Grant Golden Lieutenant 512-218-5535 Send Email 
Melody Graham Administrative Associate 512-218-5511 Send Email 
Marc Gray Sergeant 512-218-3261 Send Email 
Marques Guntz Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bennett Hall Lieutenant 512-671-2810 Send Email 
Tiffany Hall Crime Analyst 512-671-2767 Send Email 
Jerry Hallford Officer 512-424-8414 Send Email 
Stacie Hancock Supervisor - Records 512-218-5513 Send Email 
Kathrin Harrell Administrative Associate 512-218-3289 Send Email 
Corey Harris Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Thomas Hau Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Larry Hayes Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Paul Hernandez Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeff Hill Detective 512-671-2720 Send Email 
Don Holland Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brian Hollywood Detective 512-671-2766 Send Email 
Jason Huf Sergeant 512-671-2795 Send Email 
James Hunter Sergeant 512-218-5532 Send Email 
Shelby Ingles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Dallas Jennings Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Benjamin Johnson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jack Johnson Sergeant 512-671-2854 Send Email 
Sean Johnson Sergeant 512-218-6670 Send Email 
Laura Kauffman Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Jackie Keyes Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Jimmy Keyes Sergeant 512-671-2822 Send Email 
Ashley Killgore Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Daniel Kilpatrick Detective 512-341-3103 Send Email 
Leigh Knight Detective 512-671-2826 Send Email 
Donald Knowles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeffrey Kopp Officer 512-218-5500  
Steven J. Kozak Police Officer  512-218-5500 Send Email 
Chris Kress Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Michael Krogmann Sergeant 512-671-2852 Send Email 
Jan Kubsch Administrative Associate 512-218-3263 Send Email 
Tracy Lawrence Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Justin LeFan Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mike Losoya Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Luke Lovett Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Elizabeth Luong Administrative Associate 512-218-3206 Send Email 
Tracy Lyke Crime Analyst 512-671-2708 Send Email 
Joshua Mackey Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kacy Malish Administrative Associate 512-218-5514 Send Email 
Angelo Marmarinos Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Manuel Martinez Sergeant 512-218-6657 Send Email 
Kristen Mayo Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kurt McBride Detective 512-671-2827 Send Email 
Cherish McClinton Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Steven McDaniel Sergeant 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Andy McKinney Lieutenant 512-218-6670 Send Email 
Nora Medrano Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Noah Moncivais Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rocco Montorello Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Damaris Morales Logistics Officer 512-218-6690 Send Email 
Sky Mount Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Angelique Myers Public Information Specialist 512-341-3168 Send Email 
Shane Myers Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Brian Neveu Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Shawn Normand Sergeant 512-671-2854 Send Email 
Mary Oliver Victims Services Coordinator 512-341-3124 Send Email 
Brett Orlich Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lori Osborn Administrative Associate 512-218-6651 Send Email 
Mike Osborn Sergeant 512-671-2853 Send Email 
Domenique Pagan Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stan Palk Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Amber Pearson Crime Analyst  512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jennifer Phagan Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Brian Quick Officer 512-671-2859 Send Email 
Louis Rackley Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5497 Send Email 
Robert Ramos Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Adam Rankin Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Evan Ratcliff Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Michelle Real Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Brent Rechtfertig Police Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Kimberly Rendon Communications Training Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Willie Richards Commander 512-671-2714 Send Email 
Andrew Rivera Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Larry Roberson Accreditation Manager  512-218-6614 Send Email 
Jesse Rodriguez Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rebecca Rodriguez Support Services Division Manager 512-218-5505 Send Email 
Rey Rodriguez Detective 512-218-3292 Send Email 
Robert Rosenbusch Lieutenant 512-218-3262 Send Email 
John Rowe Detective 512-218-3260 Send Email 
Shannon Saffel Officer 512-671-2859 Send Email 
Michael Salinas Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Robert Saucedo Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lindsey Scheffler Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Dwight Schmidt Sergeant 512-671-2856  
John Schultz Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Katie Schumacher Supervisor - Evidence & Crime Scene 512-341-3130 Send Email 
Adrian Selvera Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Nick Simpson Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Stan Simpson Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5520 Send Email 
Daniel Sitz Sergeant 512-341-3100 Send Email 
Tom Sloan sergeant 512-218-6664 Send Email 
Brent Smith Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Chris Smith Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Randy Snow Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jennifer Soto Logistics Officer 512-218-6675 Send Email 
Jeff Spencer Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Morgan Spencer Law Enforcement Support Technician 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Todd Spradlin Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Tracy Staggs Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Lisa Stem Animal Control Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Riley Stowe Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jim Stuart Commander 512-218-5522 Send Email 
Doug Teiber Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Joe Teiber Inspection Coordinator 512-218-3120 Send Email 
Deborah Thach Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Anita Todd Crime Scene Specialist 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Mayra Toro Supervisor - Public Safety Communications 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tim Travis Lieutenant 512-218-6667 Send Email 
Will Trevillion Officer 512-341-3101 Send Email 
Rosie Troeger Victim Services Advocate 512-218-6663 Send Email 
Jessica Turner Animal Control Supervisor 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jeff Uhrig Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Ardeen Urbantke Reserve Officer 512-218-6668 Send Email 
Rigo Valles Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Bernie Villegas Detective 512-671-2709 Send Email 
Sherrill Voll Crime Analyst 512-671-2722 Send Email 
Jessyka Vyner Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Charles Wadley Detective 512-671-2718 Send Email 
Angela Walker Communications Training Officer 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Tracy Wardlow Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Bodie Warren Officer 512-218-6638 Send Email 
Jason Watson Detective 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Alicia Watts Crime Scene Specialist 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rebecca Weaver Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Hunter Webb Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Jacob Weinstein Detective 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Rick White Manager - Crime Analysis & Statistics 512-218-5524 Send Email 
Charles Whites Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Gary Wise Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Amanda Wood Public Safety Communications Operator 512-218-5515 Send Email 
Christopher Ybarra Sergeant 512-218-6683 Send Email 
Brian Young Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Devin Zepeda Officer 512-218-5500 Send Email 
Nathan Zoss Sergeant 512-218-5530 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Ric Bowden Contract Specialist 512-218-5459 Send Email 
Yvonne Hopkins Buyer 512-218-3228 Send Email 
Margie Howard Buyer 512-218-7069 Send Email 
Ron Hunter Purchasing Manager 512-218-5457 Send Email 
Deborah Knutson Purchaser 512-218-5456 Send Email 
Michael Schurwon Purchaser 512-218-6682 Send Email 
Sandi Talbert Buyer 512-218-5458 Send Email 

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Ackerman Transportation Superintendent 512-341-3304 Send Email 
Joe Aleman Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Johnny Boatright Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3187  
Joe Camarda Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Carlos Casas Equipment Operator 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Chris Cervenka Project Manager 512-218-6603 Send Email 
Kim Chappius Administrative Associate 512-671-2888 Send Email 
Leah Collier Project Manager  512-341-3318 Send Email 
Carl Crow Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Randy Crum Construction Inspector  512-218-3241 Send Email 
Ronney Crutchfield Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Patty da Silva Administrative Associate 512-341-3137 Send Email 
Alberto de la Torre Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Felipe de la Torre Equipment Operator 512-341-3186 Send Email 
John Dean Assistant Transportation Director 512-218-6617 Send Email 
Adam Dellora Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Tony Dove Construction Inspector 512-218-3241 Send Email 
Clay Ericson Traffic Signal Technician 512-341-3309 Send Email 
Luis Espinoza Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Sky Firkins Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Matthew Fitzgerald Transportation Supervisor 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Juan Galan Equipment Operator 512-341-3186  
Andrew Gonzales Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Rey Gonzalez Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Justin Gross Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Shane Guilbeaux Construction Inspector 512-218-3241 Send Email 
Raymond Herrera Signs & Marking Supervisor 512-218-7077 Send Email 
Gary Hudder Transportation Director 512-671-2869 Send Email 
Eddie Imken Chief Construction Inspector 512-218-3241 Send Email 
Curtis Jones Equipment Operator  512-341-3187 Send Email 
Keith Kaderka Transportation Supervisor 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Todd Keltgen Transportation Operations Manager 512-218-5583 Send Email 
Matt Krueger Construction Inspector 512-218-3241 Send Email 
Victor Langston Equipment Operator 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Caren Lee Transit Coordinator 512-671-2869 Send Email 
Chris Lopez Engineer Associate 512-218-7026 Send Email 
David Mayberry Traffic Signal Technician 512-341-3309 Send Email 
Joey Melesio Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Bobby Mercer Traffic Signal Supervisor 512-341-3309 Send Email 
Bobby Nichols Construction Inspector 512-218-3241 Send Email 
Jesus Olague Equipment Operator 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Frank Orona Equipment Operator 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Bonnie Parks Administrative Associate 512-341-3138 Send Email 
John Pike Signs & Marking Technician 512-218-5566 Send Email 
Jarett Rutherford Transportation Crew Leader 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Rudy Salazar Equipment Operator 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Abel Saldivar Equipment Operator 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Steve Simpson Traffic Signal Technician 512-341-3309 Send Email 
Brad Smith Street Maintenance Worker 512-341-3186 Send Email 
Joshua Smith Traffic Signal Technician 512-341-3309 Send Email 
Bill Stablein Project Manager 512-218-3237 Send Email 
Lonnie Syma Bridge Maintenance Specialist 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Santos Vela Equipment Operator 512-341-3187 Send Email 
David Walther Traffic Systems Superintendent 512-218-5566 Send Email 
Garrett Wilkins Street Maintenance Workder 512-341-3187 Send Email 
Chad Wood Traffic Engineer 512-218-6601 Send Email 

Utilities & Environmental Services
Name Title Phone E-mail
James Albers System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Carlos Amaro Meter Services Representative 512-218-5581 Send Email 
Gabriel Arriaga Meter Services Representative 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Gordon Badhiwala Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Joe Balandran Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047  
Ryan Beardmore Engineering Technician Sr. 512-671-2752 Send Email 
Jeff Bell Project Manager Sr. 512-218-7076 Send Email 
Joe Bingham Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Allen Brantley Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Malcolm Brown Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jonas Cabillan Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568  
Martin Camacho Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Chisolm Cardwell Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047  
Tim Carroll Recycling Attendant 512-218-7047 Send Email 
Magic Chambers Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Steven Clark Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Carlos Cortez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jesse Desha Meter Services Supervisor 512-671-2770 Send Email 
Raynice Earl Administrative Technician 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Nathaniel Eder Utility Services Worker  Send Email 
Mark Edwards Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Felix Esparza Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Harold Faulkner Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Roy (Buddy) Franklin Utility Services Superintendent 512-218-5578 Send Email 
David Freireich Utility Engineering Manager 512-671-2756 Send Email 
Jose Galvez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Joe Garcia Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Rolando Garcia Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alysha Girard Stormwater Manager 512-218-6646 Send Email 
Nathan Godfrey Utility Services Worker 512-218-5555 Send Email 
Robert Gracia Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Richard Guillory Utility ServicesTechnician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Danny Halden City Engineer 512-218-6610 Send Email 
Chad Hansen System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Bobby Hepner Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Paul Hernandez Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Tracy Herring Environmental Services Supervisor 512-218-5559 Send Email 
James Hollingsworth Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Garland Horelica Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Mark Hurd Utility System Mechanic Supervisor 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Billy Jeschke Utility Services Technician 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Rick Jones Field Laboratory Technician 512-218-5559  
Eric Juarez Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Christy Justice Administrative Assistant 512-671-2755 Send Email 
Harold Kaderka System Mechanic Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Jeffery Knebel Pretreatment Compliance Specialist 512-218-5561 Send Email 
Chase Knowlton Meter Services Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Katherine Lansdowne Environmental Laboratory Analyst 512-218-5561 Send Email 
David Logan Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Gabrielle Lopez Administrative Associate 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kim Lutz Utility Services Manager 512-341-3333 Send Email 
Justin Marshall Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Joey Martinez Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Ronny Maynard Meter Service Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
James McDonald Stormwater Technician 512-218-6602 Send Email 
Richard Medrano Utility Services Superintendent 512-218-5564 Send Email 
David Morales Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jose Morales Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alan Moreno Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Daniel Ochoa Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Sharon Parker Administrative Associate 512-341-3179 Send Email 
Greg Pate Utility Services Technician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Robert Peters Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Justin Peterson Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Mike Pompa Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Brandon Pritchett SCADA Technician 512-218-5582  
Aaron Ramirez Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Miguel Ramirez Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Richard Reedy GIS Analyst 512-218-6606 Send Email 
Barth Reid Utility Crewleader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Jordan Rendon System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Joseph Rendon Meter Services Representative Sr. 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Michele Risko Laboratory Analyst Sr. 512-218-5561 Send Email 
Joel Rogers Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kelli Rogers Administrative Associate 512-218-5556 Send Email 
Alfredo Rubalcava Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Don Rundell Chief Utility Engineer 512-218-5554 Send Email 
Arturo Saldivar Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Cayetano Saldivar Utility Crew Leader 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Lance Shellenberger Project Manager Sr. 512-218-6609 Send Email 
Justin Shilander Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Kirk Sholars System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Nicholas Siptrott Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Lewis Smith System Mechanic 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Christopher Spencer Utility Services Superintendent 512-341-3183 Send Email 
Mickey Swatsell Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Willie (Guillermo) Tapia System Mechanic Crewleader 512-218-5575 Send Email 
Cam Tate Water Treatment Plant Operator Sr. 512-218-5582 Send Email 
Michael Thane Director of Utilities 512-218-3236 Send Email 
Anja Thissen Administrative Associate 512-218-5559 Send Email 
Jacob Tibbits Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Gerardo Valdovinos Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Alfredo Vences Utility Services Supervisor 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Luis Vences Utility Services Worker Sr. 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Victor Vences Utility Services Worker 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Francisco Vicent Utility Operations Manager 512-218-5577 Send Email 
Jimmy Vrabel Engineering Technician - Senior 512-218-6604 Send Email 
Eddie Weiss Shop Supervisor 512-218-5565 Send Email 
Rick Whisenant Utility Services Technician 512-218-5570 Send Email 
Paul White Utility Services Technician 512-218-5568 Send Email 
Tiffany White Stormwater Technician Sr. 512-671-2867 Send Email 
Terrell Wilkey Utility Systems Analyst 512-341-3145 Send Email 
Jessica Woods Water Conservation Coordinator 512-671-2872 Send Email 
Eddie Zapata Project Manager Sr. 512-218-6605 Send Email 

Water Billing
Name Title Phone E-mail
Natalie Abitago Customer Service Representative 512-218-5462 Send Email 
Michelle Alvarado Customer Service Representative 512-218-5464 Send Email 
Carlos Amaro Meter Services Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Sharon Davis Utility Billing Supervisor 512-218-5466 Send Email 
Jesse Desha Meter Services Supervisor 512-671-2730 Send Email 
Jennifer Escobedo Customer Service Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Ibis Estrada Customer Service Coordinator 512-218-5467 Send Email 
Blanca Gillis Customer Service Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Cecilia Keser Customer Service Representative 512-218-5461 Send Email 
Jonathan Lowe Meter Services Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Irma Mendoza Utility Office Manager 512-218-5465 Send Email 
Adrian Ortiz Customer Service Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Sebastian Rivera Meter Services Representative 512-218-5460 Send Email 
Cindi Rodriguez Customer Service Representative 512-218-5468 Send Email 

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