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 Special Requirements for State Highway Access

Special Requirements


1. Coordination of Work with TxDOT Contractor or State Forces

If any portion of a related Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) facility is under construction, no Permittee’s forces or contractors shall enter within the TxDOT right-of-way (ROW) without first consulting the TxDOT contractor and making necessary arrangements to coordinate installation of its facilities with TxDOT construction.

All work relative to installation of the Permittee’s facilities shall be conducted in such a manner as not to interfere in any way with operations of the TxDOT contractor.

The above requirements with respect to coordination of work with TxDOT contractors shall likewise apply to work being done by state forces.

2. Changes in Location of Proposed Facilities

No changes shall be made in approved location of Permittee’s facilities within the limits of the TxDOT right-of-way without prior authorization of the City of Round Rock (CORR).

3. Adjustment of Utilities and Appurtenances

It shall be the responsibility of the Permittee to relocate or coordinate the relocation of any utilities, poles, anchors, etc. in conflict with Permittee’s proposed facilities. Such relocation shall not occur until properly permitted or approved by the TxDOT.

4. Staking of Access Facilities in Advance of Construction

Proposed access facilities shall be staked in advance of construction so that the CORR can inspect staking to verify that alignment conforms to the respective permit and that there is no conflict with TxDOT or other facilities or features.

The Permittee is responsible for determining if access facilities are in conflict with TxDOT or other facilities or features. Where conflicts are apparent, construction of the access facilities shall not proceed until the conflicts are properly resolved.

The Permittee shall give the CORR Chief Construction Inspector at (512) 218-5555 no less than 24 hours notice ahead of time when staking will be completed.

5. Inspection by CORR Representatives

The Permittee shall inform their forces or contractors that all access facilities authorized by permit shall be subject to inspection and tests as may be deemed necessary by the CORR to verify that work is being done in accordance with permit requirements. All supervisory personnel shall be instructed to furnish such information and cooperation as may be required to perform such inspection.

6. Copy of Permit at Job Site

A copy of the approved permit shall be kept on the site of the work at all times when work is in progress.

7. Full-Time Supervision and Inspection

The Permittee shall ensure the presence of competent full-time on-site supervisors or inspectors for all facilities authorized by permit issued by the CORR.

8. Incorrect Location or Construction of Access Facilities

Any access facilities incorrectly located or constructed shall be removed, relocated as necessary, and reconstructed at the entire expense of the Permittee. All disturbed areas shall be properly restored.

9. Protection of TxDOT and Other Facilities During Installation of Access Facilities

All construction operations relative to installation of the access facilities shall be conducted in such a manner as to protect TxDOT and other facilities from damage at all times. Any damage to TxDOT or other facilities shall be properly repaired at the cost of the Permittee after proper notification and consultation with the appropriate entity/owner.

When utilities, lines, structures, or other facilities are encountered during construction by the Permittee that conflict with the proposed access facilities, construction in the related area shall cease until the conflict is properly addressed/resolved with the CORR and the appropriate entity/owner.

10. Disposal of Excess Excavation and Clean-Up

Excess material from excavation shall be removed from TxDOT right-of-way and job site cleaned up and left in satisfactory condition.

11. Revegetation

The permit holder is solely responsible for revegatation of all unpaved and vegetated areas damaged or exposed by construction. Such areas shall be revegetated within seven days following completion of construction. The Permittee will be held responsible for such areas until growth is reestablished to the satisfaction of the CORR.

Rate and type of application for any seed mixture, sodding and for fertilizer shall be in conformance with CORR specifications. Hydraulic blanket and matting shall be used where deemed necessary by an authorized CORR representative.

Prior to revegetation, damaged or exposed areas shall be restored to their original lines, grades, and contours. Ditches shall be restored to their original contours and water carrying capacity. All areas shall be smooth and free of ruts and other depressions. When required by the CORR, the addition of topsoil may be necessary prior to revegetation. All areas to be seeded shall be cultivated to a depth of at least four inches. Where necessary, the soil for the seedbed shall be cultivated sufficiently to reduce the soil to a state of good tilth where the soil particles on the surface are small enough and lie closely enough together to prevent the seed from being too deep for optimum germination. The original lines, grades and contours shall be maintained throughout the cultivation process. Any necessary reshaping shall be performed prior to seeding. If weather conditions damage the seedbed, the seedbed shall be reworked and reseeded as necessary. All areas being revegetated shall be fertilized prior to revegetation. When necessary, water shall be provided to promote growth of vegetation and shall be provided as necessary until vegetation is properly established. Only water that is clean and free of harmful substances shall be used. Watering equipment utilized shall be of a kind that provides uniform distribution and controlled rates of water application.

When utilized, a mulch of Coastal Bermuda grass hay shall be spread uniformly at the rate of two tons/acre. The area shall be hand mulched and anchored by cleating or crimping with a track machine or other approved method. The area shall not be rolled with a rubber tire roller.

Revegetative measures will begin as soon as practical. The CORR reserves the right to require the immediate installation of revegetative measures whenever deemed necessary by an authorized representative of the CORR. The CORR reserves the right to require additional revegetative measures deemed necessary by an authorized representative of the CORR at any time after construction has begun until the CORR has accepted the revegetative measures of the Permittee.

12. Use of Explosives

No explosives shall be used within the limits of TxDOT right-of-way without the written permission of TxDOT.

13. Protection of TxDOT Traffic, Lane Closures, Barricades, Warning Signs, Etc.

No construction operations will be permitted within the limits of existing pavements carrying traffic, unless specifically authorized by TxDOT. Excavated material shall be kept off pavement at all times.

Barricades, warning signs, flares, flashing devices and flagmen shall be provided by the Permittee or his contractor. Such items shall be in accordance with the Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). All traffic control devices shall comply with the crash-worthiness requirements of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350.

Any lane closures along State highways require authorization and coordination with TxDOT.

14. Protection of Existing Utilities

Prior to beginning actual construction operations, the Permittee shall ensure that all utility companies who may have facilities in the area are notified so that they can determine if the proposed construction will conflict or otherwise damage a utility company’s facilities. The Permittee is responsible for all cost related to damage caused by Permittee’s construction when said construction was negligently performed.

15. Erosion Control

The Permittee is solely responsible for the control of any eroding materials that are the result of the construction for which the permit was issued.

Temporary Erosion Control
Silt fence or other measures approved by an authorized representative of the CORR shall be installed as necessary surrounding spoil sites, fill piles and excavated areas to control runoff or siltation of materials into surrounding areas.

Coastal Bermuda grass hay bales, when approved by an authorized representative of the CORR, may be used in non-critical construction areas to surround spoil sites, fill piles and excavated areas to control runoff or siltation of materials into the surrounding areas.

Permittee shall be responsible for removing temporary erosion controls from TxDOT right-of-way once the protected area is permanently stabilized and for repairing any damage resulting from the removal of the controls.

Permanent Erosion Control
The TxDOT and/or the CORR reserves the right to require any additional erosion control measures that are deemed necessary at any time after construction has begun until the CORR has accepted the erosion control measures and revegetation measures of the Permittee.

16. Protection of Trees Within the TxDOT Right of Way

All construction operations shall be conducted in such a manner as to protect trees from damage at all times. Location of trees shall be noted on plans submitted with permit request. Where existing trees not addressed on the plans conflict with proposed construction, construction shall not proceed until conflict is addressed/resolved with the CORR.

Tree trimming shall be in accordance with TxDOT guidelines.

17. Working Hours for Construction

Provided that the CORR may dictate restrictions due to rush hour traffic, unique events, or other conditions that warrant such restrictions, work within TxDOT right-of-way for which a permit is issued by the CORR shall only occur between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday), except in the case of emergency work.

18. Working in Inclement Weather

Work shall not be performed during bad weather i.e. foggy, rainy, or icy conditions. The Permittee shall ensure that any materials (mud, rocks, debris, etc.) spilled, tracked or otherwise deposited on existing roadway surfaces shall be cleaned up immediately and that roadway surfaces are kept free and clean at all times.

19. Construction Entrances

Permits are required for all construction entrances onto State Highways. The Permittee is responsible for ensuring that such entrances are maintained and/or refurbished as necessary throughout the life of the associated construction project to prevent tracking or deposition of material, debris, etc. onto roadways.

Unless a separate permit has been issued for an access facility at the same location as a construction entrance, upon completion of the associated construction, the construction entrance shall be removed and all damaged and exposed areas shall be restored and revegetated.

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