Year: 2016

Back to work! But while the holidays are still fresh on our minds, we’ve got a couple questions

Please take this quick survey to help us plan for an even merrier holiday season in 2016.

The Quarry truly enjoyed the holiday break, but it’s time to get back to work on what we believe will be a fantastic 2016 for Round Rock.

Of course, there will be holidays in 2016 and we want this year’s season to be even better than 2015. And boy howdy was this past holiday all aglow!

A couple of things came up during this holiday season that we wanted your feedback on as we plan for the next one.

First is Rock’N Lights. Nearly 16,500 vehicles drove this holiday spectacular, which means approximately 66,000 people enjoyed the amazing light displays. That’s awesome. Here’s what we’re kicking around for next year: How about a night (or two) where folks can only walk through the display? No cars, just folks on foot. Now, there may be some logistical challenges that make this too difficult to pull off, but we’re wondering if you would pay to walk the lights. (Walk’N Lights?) (We couldn’t resist. Sorry)

Second is recycling. We had a request via Twitter from a resident asking if we could have recycling pickup for eveyone both weeks during the holidays. That’s an idea we think is worth pursuing, but want to get some more insight before we talk to Round Rock Refuse about it.

Recharge Your Battery

battery backup location

Hunter Controller battery location

Now is a great time to replace the back-up battery inside your irrigation controller.  What?  You didn’t know there WAS a battery (or place) for a battery in your control box, since it is plugged into the wall?!?!    Well…you’re not the only one!!  Most people don’t realize there is a place for you to install a 9-volt battery in the controller.

A back-up battery will not operate your controller, however, it will hold your program settings in case of a power outage.  If (really, we should say when) your controller loses power and you have no battery, or a dead battery, many controllers will reset to factory default program settings.  Default settings will vary by brand and model, but often times they will be 10 minutes/zone, 7 days/week, with multiple start times.  Unfortunately, people usually don’t realize this has occurred until they receive the high water bill, which could be 30 days down the road.  You can prevent that from happening by installing a back-up battery.

Raindial controller battery location

Rain Dial controller battery location

The battery spot is usually behind the controller face in most brands of controllers (Hunter, Rainbird, and Irritrol or Rain Dial are all like this).  See the pictures.  You simply need to “open” or flip over the face of the controller.  There are little finger grooves to the right-side of the controller face that allows you to open and turn it, much like turning the page of a book.  There will be a little pocket for the battery to connect into.  Most controllers require a 9-volt battery.

So, when replacing your smoke detector batteries annually, I recommend you add the irrigation controller battery to the list!  This may save you money, frustration, and some water down the road.


Rainbird battery location, slides in

Rainbird battery location, slides in