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Join us June 6 to August 1 for the 2022 Adult Summer Reading Challenge. Submit either digital or paper reading logs (not both). Paper logs will be available starting June 6. We would like to thank the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library and our sponsors for this year’s prizes. The more logs you enter, the better your chances to win!  

What people are saying about the Adult Summer Reading program

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- Catherine C.


How Do I Get Started?


  • 60 points per 1 entry; 10 entries max.
  • Missions may only be completed once per log.

Immerse Yourself in Books

Explore the Library with these suggestions or create your own themes:

  • Read 4 books from Overdrive’s simultaneous audio and ebook collection.
  • Read 4 books published in 2021 (print or digital).
  • Read 1 series opener and 3 subsequent titles (print or digital).
  • Read 4 books of your choice (YA or adult level only; audiobooks count).
  • Read 1 New Fiction, 1 New Nonfiction, 1 Graphic Novel, and 1 Book Deli selection.
  • Sample RRPL’s digital offerings like Flipster and Libby.

Dive Into a Mission

Pick from any of the following missions, or combine them, and record in your log! Make sure to take a pic of yourself completing the mission and tag us with #RRPLReads.

  • Visit the Friends of the Round Rock Public Library’s Book Nook.
  • Visit any City of Round Rock park or trail.
  • Read to a child for at least 15 minutes.
  • Donate a canned good to the Round Rock Serving Center.
  • Visit one of our sponsors.
  • Make your neighborhood a more beautiful place by picking up trash, branches, or helping with trash cans.


Prize list to be announced soon!

Summer Reading FAQs

Anyone can participate in this summer’s events and reading challenges; no Round Rock Public Library card is required, although you are welcome to apply for one.

Readers may choose to participate in one of the three age categories:

The Summer Reading Challenges runs June 6 – August 1.

It includes:

Readers may register for the Challenge beginning June 6, 2022.

Readers can begin counting their reading on June 6, and can begin redeeming prizes on June 21.

Our Summer Reading Challenge is still affected by the pandemic, so you’ll notice some holdover policies from 2020, but you may also notice the return of other policies from pre-pandemic times.

The point system (for children, teens, and adults)

Every time children and teens log 300 points, they earn a Book Buck. Book Bucks can be redeemed for prizes from June 21 – Aug. 1. 

  • A minute of reading counts as a point, or
  • An entire book counts as 15 points
  • Kids and teens may earn up to 1200 points

Kids and teens have the option of counting either books or minutes, choosing the strategies that offers the most points for the kids of books they read. These readers are welcome to switch between minutes and points throughout the summer.

Adults count YA and adult books, only.

Tracking your points

Reading can be tracked online or via a paper log, but prizes will be given based on the online log. 

We believe in low-stress summers, so please keep it simple when you update the online log–don’t worry about entering points on any specific day, just get the total number of points posted in the easiest way possible so we can give you your prizes.  

Visit the Summer Reading table to receive your prize vouchers, to get help entering the hours on the online log. 

Key dates:

  • June 6: Readers can begin counting the time that they read (or are read to) 
  • June 21: First possible day to claim a prize 
  • August 1: Last day to claim reading prizes 

What you’ll win

Children and teens will earn a Book Buck every time they complete 300 points.

They can spend their Book Bucks at the Book Buck Store beginning June 21, and continuing through the summer. 

Book Bucks may be used to purchase books, small prizes, or raffle tickets.

Adults will win vouchers that can be spent in the Friends of Round Rock Public Library Book Nook.

Babies and toddlers are welcome to participate in an easier program that focuses on the Early Literacy Practices of reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing. Caregivers can pick up or download a challenge sheet, complete the challenges, and return it for a small prize.

Something for the community, too

All of our Summer Readers will also be logging points toward a community goal. 

Together, if we log 1 million points, the Friends of Round Rock Public Library will donate $300 to the Round Rock Serving Center.

#CommunityReading #HelpingEachOther

Children and teens

Participants may read or listen to any type of written content.  This includes books, eBooks, magazines, online content, and any sort of printed or digital content  from the Library or from other sources. (Yes, that includes cereal boxes!)

Did you know that listening to someone read is great exercise for your brain, no matter how old you are and how well you can read? Because of this, please be sure to count the minutes you listen to audiobooks, listen to content from our databases, and listen to someone read aloud.

Children and teens complete the program at 1200 points.


What types of reading count?

Adults can earn 15 points per book (this includes print books, eBooks, audiobooks and eAudiobooks).

For your reading log, count only adult or YA books. You may read any books you can access, not just books from RRPL.

Each time you log 60 points, you’ll earn a voucher to spend in the Friends of Round Rock Public Library Book Nook book sale. You’ll also earn an entry into a prize drawing.

Adults complete the program at 600 points. 

Get information specific to the the Adult Summer Reading Program here. 

Can I count time that I spend reading to children?

Yes, reading to children counts as a mission you can choose to complete. 

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I don’t finish it?


Can I join the program after its official start date?


Can I count reading that I’ve done before the official start date?

We ask that you count only reading you’ve done within the official dates of the program.

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