These subscription databases can be used remotely with an active Round Rock Public Library Card. Members of the public without library cards are welcome to use these resources on the public computers inside the library.

logo_no_tag_tiny Consumer Reports Online
Library use only – get password at the reference desk.
texshare_logo_tiny Consumer Reports Archive
Access unbiased ratings and product reviews to help you make buying decisions. Full-text Consumer Reports articles are available from 1984 to present.

General Information
The federal government’s website for consumers needing information on how to manage your money wisely, use credit and loans carefully, and protect your personal information and money.

Identity and Privacy

Identity Theft – Federal Trade Commission
The federal government’s one-stop resource for identity theft victims. The site provides streamlined checklists and sample letters to guide you through reporting identity theft and starting the recovery process.
Identity Theft – Nolo
Essential information from legal experts on preventing identity theft, and steps to take if your identity is stolen.
Identity Theft – Texas Attorney General
Information from the Texas Attorney General explaining ways to protect yourself and outlining steps to take after identity theft has occurred.
Lost or Stolen Wallet or Purse – What to Do
Steps to take when your wallet or purse has been stolen to reduce your odds of fraud and identity theft.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse raises consumers’ awareness of how technology affects personal privacy and empowers consumers to take action to control their own personal information by providing practical tips on privacy protection.
Scams and Identity Theft
Information from the Federal Trade Commission detailing various scams used during identity theft and how to protect yourself.

Personal Finance


America Saves
A campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America, seeks to motivate, encourage, and support low- to moderate-income households to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.
Clear, impartial answers to hundreds of financial questions. Find the information you need to make more informed choices about your money.
Budgeting Your Money
NOLO, the top law website, provides information on making a budget and creating an emergency fund, as well as tips on managing your finances and avoiding financial trouble. information on making a budget and creating an emergency fund, as well as tips on managing your finances and avoiding financial trouble.
Managing Your Money
Basic information from on budgets, bank accounts, debit cards, prepaid cards, phone cards, overseas remittances, and renting a house or apartment.
Basic financial literacy information.

Salary Information


Website with a database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, and interview reviews and questions.
Salary Expert
A project of ERI Economic Research Institute providing compensation analytics to the majority of the Fortune 500 as well as thousands of other public and private organizations.
Wages by Area and Occupation
Find national, state, metropolitan area, and occupational wage data

Financial Literacy Classes and Coaching


Financial Coaching–Foundation Communities512-610-4026
Financial coaches work one-on-one with residents and community members, empowering them to achieve financial stability and long-term success. Coaches provide clients with the tools to create household budgets, save money over time, reduce debt and improve credit scores.
Money Management Class–Foundation Communities512-815-7184
Financial coaches teach a three-part series that covers credit, debt reduction and savings in depth. Classes combine nationally recognized programs, including the FDIC’s Money Smart and Money Wise, with a curriculum developed to meet the needs of residents and community members.



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