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Mobile, Location, Social

These three trends are the most important for businesses to pay attention to. Look around a crowded room and it seems the majority of people are on their cellphones, many of which are browsing the web or using their favorite social media technology, like Facebook or Twitter.

Because people are mobile, their location matters. This is why the City has rolled out our first app RRTX Mobile.

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Spreading the word 101

Google MyBusiness – Make sure Google knows as much about your business as possible. The slickest web marketing in the world does not matter if people are not able to get to it.

Mobile-friendly websites – 50% of modern web traffic is on mobile.

If your site is not mobile-friendly you are either:

  1. Losing customer conversions
  2. Dropping in search rank to your competitors who are mobile-friendly

Don’t forget the power of social media…