PDF Map Library

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map library contains commonly requested GIS maps in PDF format. The PDF maps are primarily for viewing and printing. However, the same information and more can be viewed with a much faster load time in the interactive map viewers.

Download layer-toggle instructions for turning GIS layers on and off in a PDF map.


City Limits, ETJ & MUDs
Displays the Street, Round Rock City Limits, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), and Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs).  Download cl_etj_muds.pdf.



Zoning Districts specify a range of permitted land uses, development, design, and compatibility standards.  Download zoning.pdf.



Land Use
Displays a representation of how a parcel of land is currently being used.  Download landuse.pdf.



Displays a subset of Round Rock Subdivisions containing residential and mixed use (residential/commercial) subdivisions.  Download neighborhoods.pdf.