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2020 Summer Reading Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for helping us build a community of readers!

As we respond to the economic fallout of the COVID19 pandemic, we are especially mindful of the organizations who have long supported Round Rock’s readers.

We thank the sponsors who have stepped this year, and for many years in the past. 

The Friends functions as sort of a booster club for the library, extending the library’s impact on the community. We are so grateful for the extraordinary ways they have stepped up this very unusual year.


We are leaving our 2019 sponsors visible as an extended thank you. Many of them expressed a willingness to continue supporting the library this summer, but because of the pandemic and the resulting loss of volunteers and in-person gatherings, we could not accommodate their generosity. We are grateful to them for supporting reading in Round Rock

Kids 2019 | Teens 2019 | Adults 2019

2019 Kids’ sponsors

Thank you for providing programs:

Thank you for providing prizes in 2019:

 Thank you for providing raffle prizes for our top readers in 2019:

Thank you to our 2019 teen sponsors!

In 2019, our adult program was supported by: