Juvenile Offenders

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over juveniles (10 to 16 years of age at time of violation) charged with Class C misdemeanor offenses.

  • All juveniles are required to appear in open Court for all proceedings regarding their case (Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 45, 0125(a)).
  • The parent or legal guardian of a juvenile charged in Municipal Court is also required to attend Court with their child (Code of Criminal Procedure, Art 45, 0125 (d) states “failure of the parent/legal guardian to appear may result in arrest and is a Class C misdemeanor”).
  • Hearings are scheduled by the Juvenile Case Manager.  Notices to appear at the initial appearance hearing are mailed to the defendant and parent/legal guardian.
  • Your first appearance is to determine your plea.  The plea must be made by the defendant charged with the offense.

Juveniles who fail to appear in Court may have an additional charge of “Failure to Appear” filed against them.  Juveniles who fail to appear or who fail to pay their fines will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which will suspend or deny issuance of a driver’s license.

Juveniles who disobey a court order may be found in contempt and assessed a fine not to exceed $500 or referred to juvenile court for contempt.

For Parents/Legal Guardians – Notification of Address Change

Warning:  A child and parent/legal guardian required to appear before the Court have an obligation to provide the Court in writing the current address and residence of the child.  The obligation does not end when the child reaches age 17.  On or before the seventh day after the date the child or parent.legal guardian changes residence, the child or parent shall notify the Court of the current address in the manner directed by the Court.

A violation of this subsection may result in arrest and is a class C misdemeanor.  The obligation to provide notice terminates on discharge and satisfaction of the judgment or final disposition not requiring a finding of guilt.

Advertencia:  Un joven y padre que tenido que presentarse en Corte tiene la obligación no termina cuando el joven cumpla 17 años de edad.  Antes o en el séptimo dia después que el joven o padre cambie residencia, el joven o padre tiene que dar noticia a la Corte de la residencia corriente enla manera dirigidia por la Corte.

Violación de este subseccion puede resultar en arresto y es una ofensa class C menor.  La obligación de proveer noticia termina después que quede satisfecho o despedido el juicio o disposición final donde no se requiere un resultado de culpable.

Expunction of Records

Convictions from this Court are criminal convictions.  You may be entitled to an expunction of the records pertaining to your case.

  • Alcohol violations – for a single conviction, you may petition this Court for an expunction after your 21st birthday.
  • Tobacco violations – you may petition this court for expunction after successful completion of Tobacco sanctions.
  • Education Code violations – for a single conviction, you may petition this Court for an expunction after your 18th birthday.
  • Penal Code or Penal Ordinance violations – for a single conviction of any other non-traffic violation, you may petition this Court for expunction after your 17th birthday.

In order to request an Expunction, fill out the Application for Expunction and submit in the Court Clerk’s office.  There is a non-refundable fee of $30 that will be due at the time you file the application. Please read the application to determine if you are eligible to request an expunction prior to filing.