Madsen Playroom/Babysitting

The CMRC Playroom / Babysitting is currently closed due to COVID-19

The Clay Madsen Recreation Center offers the Madsen Playroom for busy parents who want to stay active. For only two dollars an hour, up to two hours, parents can reserve a spot up for their children ranging in age from 4 months to 7 years. The playroom is professionally supervised, so parents can rest easy while they work out.

9 a.m. – noon Monday – Friday
4:30 – 7:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday

Ages and Space Limits
Due to limited space, the total attendance is limited to:

  • 10 children — ages 4 months – 7 years

Children older than 8 are welcome; however, all activities, games, and movies will be geared towards children under the age of 7.

Reservation Policies
Space is limited, so parents can reserve their child’s spot up to two days in advance either in person or by telephone at 512-218-3220.  Reservations for a child is permitted only once per day.

Children that are not dropped off within 15 minutes of the reservation will forfeit the reservation. Members who fail to comply with the reservation policy or cancel within two hours of the reservation will receive a notation on their account.  Multiple violations could result in losing babysitting privileges for up to 6 months.

Playroom Fees

  • Madsen Playroom costs $2 per child per hour.
  • The Madsen Playroom does not issue refunds if the parent/guardian does not keep their child in the playroom for a full hour.
  • If the parent/guardian does not use the full hour, the unused minutes do not “roll over” to the next usage.

Playroom Policies

  • There is a 2 hour maximum for each child.
  • Parent/guardian must sign child in and the same person must sign the child out.
  • The parent/guardian must remain in the Clay Madsen Recreation Center.
  • Children must be bathroom independent or the parent/guardian will be paged/located to assist their child in the restroom.
  • Children will not be fed and diapers will not be changed by staff.  Parent/guardian will be paged for immediate pick-up if changing or feeding becomes necessary.
  • Children with a fever, rash or appearing sick will not be allowed in the Playroom. If a child becomes sick while in the Playroom, parent/guardian will be paged for immediate pick-up.
  • Children left 5 minutes after the 2-hour maximum, the parent/guardian will be paged for immediate pick-up. Late fees will be incurred.

Clay Madsen is proud to offer this service to our patrons.  Please send any comments or suggestions to Mary Hemenes.