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Play for All Park Expansion Information:

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The Play for All Park will be closed beginning September 5 for the duration of expansion construction. The park is scheduled to reopen later this Fall. We appreciate your patience and with the expansion underway, we’re excited to present to you other places to play!

The Play for All Park Expansion in Round Rock is a finalist in the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Awards. Central Texas residents and their families nationwide are encouraged to help secure a $75,000 grant for the park by voting for the Play for All Expansion project using the Chick-fil-A One app on their smart phone.

Residents my go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the Chick-fil-A One app. Residents then register their name and email, scroll to the True Inspiration Awards section, select the Southwest Region, then cast their vote for the Play for All Expansion.

Residents also earn Double Treats progress on their next purchase at Chick-fil-A. Park goers or Play for All supporters can help make dreams come true for the children of Central Texas by voting for the Play for All expansion now. Voting takes place until 10/21/2017 and the winner will be announced in late October.

While the Play for all Park is closed during final expansion construction, visit the Joanne Land Playground in Old Settlers Park located less than 2 miles west. The new playground includes a new Gravity Rail where kids can climb on a swing that glides along a track, climbing towers that include obstacles, slides, tunnels and more.

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On March 3, 2012 the original Play for All Park opened with a community-wide celebration. After 5 years in the making, Central Texas Children of all abilities had a one of a kind park to play side by side without limitations. Making the park a reality has truly was a community-wide effort and a dream come true for the children of Central Texas and children across the nation.

The original park was made possible with the help from the entire community. The City was able to build this 1.3 million dollar park for $600,000 in City funding with the help of the Play for All Foundation a non-profit organization, as well as awarded grants, in-kind donations and sponsorships from local businesses.

The park has truly become a treasure and from opening day, millions have visited the park from Central Texas and across the nation. Throughout the year, children are bussed in from surrounding communities to enjoy this one of a kind park. The need and love of this park has far surpassed expectations and it’s time to grow again to meet the needs of our community.

Here We Grow Again!
The Play for All Foundation and the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department are joining forces again to expand the Play for All Park and we need your help to make dreams come true for children across the nation. After hosting several community input meetings, plans are in place to take the Play for All park to the next level by doubling the size of the current park by creating 3 additional themed play spaces and expanding 4 current play spaces. To that end, the Round Rock City Council will make a Rabb Track 2 MCCcontribution towards our $2.5 million fundraising goal to complete the park expansion.

Brushy Creek Village and Track
The expansion of Brushy Creek Village could include additional buildings in which children can develop life skills, a car wash with misters that park-goers can use to keep cool on hot days, and a new restroom facility. To the north of Brushy Creek Village, there will be a track where kids can freely enjoy wheeled activities. Themed as an F1 pit stop, the pit alley will include a learning wall that features interactive mechanical components. The picnic grove west of the track will provide plenty of shaded picnic areas.

Adventure Pod and Adventure Hill
The new Adventure Pod, complete with an adventure hill and large net climber, has been designed for thrills. This pod will help develop core and upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, confidence, gross motor development, and a healthy sense of competition among its users.

Large Playscape Pad ExpansionZipKrooz-ZipKrooz-Assist
The Large Playscape Pod Expansion will provide additional play opportunities in this more traditional playground environment. The expansion could include new play elements such as slides, balance elements, and spinning elements. The playscape will remain accessible to all by including ramps, transfer points at ground level, and elevated play elements.

Dennis’ Dream and the Playscape Expansion will help children develop physical fitness, gross motor skills, coordination, self-esteem, confidence, decision-making skills, and social skills.

Nature Pod Expansion
Nature play is tremendously beneficial for children. According to research, children who play and learn in nature are happier, healthier, and smarter. Unstructured outdoor play has also been shown to cultivate curiosity, creativity, confidence, and compassion for living things.6a00d83518cdb153ef013485a3f88b970c

The Nature Pod will provide a safe space for this important type of play. With a variety of natural elements (such as logs and boulders) and non-traditional play features, this pod invites children to explore and use their imagination.

Retreat Pad Expansion
The Retreat Pod will provide a space for children to find refuge and peace if they become overstimulated at the park. This pod gives them a place where they can practice sensory processing and regulation. The Retreat Pod also provides independent play opportunities and aids in developing core strength, focus, and cognitive skills.

The expansion of the Retreat Pod could include screening elements to make the space feel more safe, enclosed, and sheltered. Furthermore, heavily used elements in the Retreat Pod will be duplicated in other parts of the park in order to decrease the amount of activity in this pod, so it can better serve its purpose.07_27_CM_Treehouse_Chaz_Freeman

Rock Ban Pod Expansion
The expansion of the Rock Band Pod will provide additional opportunities for children to engage in musical play. The instruments will be installed on a stage with lawn seating in order to create a performance-like setting. This design facilitates social interaction, non-verbal communication, and confidence-building.

Swing Pod Expansion
The existing swing pod has been one of the most heavily used areas of the Play for All Park. This pod currently features four different swing bays which include a wheelchair swing, molded swivel swing, belt swings, and bucket swings. The Swing Pod encourages gross motor development, core strength development, socialization, cooperation, and teamwork.

The expansion of the swing pod will create more opportunities for park users to swing. It will also include a Saucer Swing, similar to the one found i1441863908105n the Retreat Pod. The hope is that this swing will keep fewer people from entering the Retreat Pod solely to use the popular play element.

In addition, to accommodate the large crowds that visit the park, another parking lot will be constructed featuring car and bus parking.

You can help make the Play for All Park Expansion a reality! You can make a donation in honor of a loved one, family or individual. Corporate sponsorships are also available. Together let’s lets lock arms again and make the Play for All Expansion a reality.

The Play for All Foundation would like to thank you for your generous support. Please contact Foundation Members about the project, in-kind dzoo-playgroundonations or sponsorship packages.

Play for All Foundation Contacts:
Kris Whitfield            (512) 689-2450
Rachael Birkhead    (512) 944-4749
Nancy Rabb             (512) 255-1029

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