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Code Enforcement removes roughly 6,000 “bandit signs”  each year.

Code Enforcement Officers enforce City ordinances that help maintain the health, safety and sanitation of our community. Strong, consistent code enforcement ensures safe and desirable living and working environments, helps maintain property values and works toward the City of Round Rock’s stated goal of preserving neighborhood integrity.

Common code violations

Below are some of the most common code violations. Contacts for addressing other neighborhood concerns are given on our resources page.

Zoning Violations
Home occupations
Garage Sales
Signs in the right-of-way
Parking on unimproved surfaces
Unsecured pools and structures
Fence requirements and maintenance
Trash and recycling cans
Environmental Nuisances
Accumulation of filth and rubbish
Tall grass and weeds
Stagnant water
Accumulation of filth
Hazardous visual obstructions
Low-hanging branches over sidewalks and streets



Code Enforcement Office: 512-341-3329
After hours: email an officer directly (links below) or use the online service request form
Margie Lopez, Code Enforcement Manager 512-218-7027  
Sean Williams, Code Enforcement Officer  512-218-7049  
David DeLuca, Code Enforcement Officer   512-218-5553  
Jay Johns, Code Enforcement Officer  512-341-3146
Kathryn Biggs, Code Enforcement Officer  512-218-5424

To report a violation

To report a possible code violation or concern, contact a Code Enforcement Officer (above), or use the online service request form and provide the following information:

  • Possible violation must be in public view when reporting
  • Address of the possible violation
  • A description of the possible violation
  • If you want to be contacted later regarding the status or resolution of your concern, please provide your name and phone number or email.

If you receive a violation notice

In most cases the officer will leave a courtesy notice (door hanger) requesting that the violation be corrected, with the issuing officer’s contact information. If the problem is not corrected, a formal violation notice will be mailed to the property owner with the issuing officer’s contact information and instructions for abatement.

What are the penalties for code violations?

If the property owner does not respond to a zoning violation notice, the owner may be fined up to $2,000 per day of violation. If the owner does not address a nuisance violation, the City may arrange to have the problem corrected at the owner’s expense, plus an additional administrative fee. If necessary, fines and abatement expenses will be secured with a privileged lien on the property.

Code Enforcement Division
Planning & Development Services Dept.
301 W. Bagdad Avenue, Suite 210
Round Rock, Texas, 78664