Code Enforcement Resources

Additional Code Enforcement Resources

Not all quality of life issues are municipal code violations – below are contact numbers for some other common concerns. Many of these issues can also be reported with the online service request.

Animal-related concerns:  Animal Control/RRPD  512-218-5500
Stray/lost/injured animals, animal cruelty, dangerous animals, animal bite incidents, loose livestock, dead animals on public property
Note: Removing dead animals from private property is the owner’s responsibility; place in a plastic bag and put out with regular trash collection, or contact a pest control company.

Abandoned/Junked Vehicles and Parking in Yard:  Round Rock Police Dept.  512-218-5500 (or 512-218-5515 after hours)
Don’t know what to do with your old vehicle? Many charities accept vehicle donations and will even tow them if inoperable.

Deed Restrictions: Contact your Homeowners Association (HOA)
If you live in an area with a homeowners association (HOA) it may have adopted deed restrictions that are different from City ordinances, such as aesthetic controls. Deed restrictions are private contracts and not enforced by the City – you must contact your homeowners association.

Gas leak/smell: Atmos Energy 1-866-322-8667 or call 911
If you suspect a natural gas leak in your home or outside, leave the area immediately and call Atmos Energy from a safe distance.

Report Graffiti or Dumping:  Round Rock Police Dept.   512-218-5500 (or 512-218-5515 after hours)
The Police Dept. takes reports of graffiti and dumping for investigation purposes, but it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove it.

Malfunctioning Streetlights:  Oncor  512-244-5824

Malfunctioning traffic signals:  Public Works Dept.  512-341-3137 (leave message after hours)
If creating an immediate traffic hazard, contact the police department at 512-218-5500.

Noise complaint: Round Rock Police Dept. 512-218-5500 (or 512-218-5515 after hours)

Parks maintenance:  Parks & Recreation Dept.  512-218-5540 and press “0” for operator

Power outages: Oncor 1-888-313-4747 (24 hrs)

Street & Sidewalk Repair: Public Works Dept. 512-341-3137 (leave message after hours)

Water Leaks: Utilities & Environmental Services Dept. 512-341-3137 (leave message after hours)
Water leaks on private property are the responsibility of the owner; contact a plumber that does emergency service.

Refuse and recycling:

Garbage & recycling services Round Rock Refuse 512-255-4980
Residential & curbside services; call to schedule a special pickup.

Drop-off Recycling Center (City)  301 Deepwood Dr.,  512-218-5559
Refer to website for accepted items and hours

Brush Recycling Pickup Request  Parks & Recreation Dept.  512-218-5540

Williamson Co. Landfill & Recycling  600 Landfill Rd, Hutto   512-846-2756
Refer to website for accepted items and hours