Who is My Neighbor?

Get to know your neighbors

Who is My Neighbor?


The City of Round Rock Who is My Neighbor program was established to help neighbors get to know each other.

The City provides refrigerator magnets that you can write the names and contact information down for your neighbors.

Think of it like a scavenger hunt.  You need to make the effort to reach out to the neighbors you do not know and get to know them.  Take the magnet with you as an ice breaker and tell them that you are reaching out to get to know the neighbors and if you could have their contact information in case of an emergency.  Let them know how to get their own magnet.  Better yet, have a spare for them in case they don’t have one.  Get them started on their own Who is My Neighbor scavenger hunt.

The best place to get to know your neighbors is at a neighborhood event like a block party or other neighborhood event.

Who is My Neighbor
Refrigerator Magnet

How to get a Who is My Neighbor magnet for yourself or your neighborhood.


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