Downtown Placards

Historic building information placards

About the placards

13.14_placard-114_webNew historic building information placards have been installed on the 24 buildings in downtown’s Commercial Historic District.  The placards describe each building’s architecture, history, and some of the businesses that have occupied them.  Take a look at them next time you’re downtown, and see some of the stories behind Round Rock’s downtown.

The placards were funded in part with a Certified Local Government grant from the Texas Historical Commission, and frames were donated by the Faulk family.  For more information on the program, contact Joelle Jordan in the Planning & Development Services Department at 512-218-5428.

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Click on the address below to open a pdf of the placard.

Address Built date   Name
107 S. Mays Street 1878 Old Post Office/Masonic Lodge
100 E. Main Street 1880 Broom Factory Building
101 E. Main Street 1876 Koppel’s Store
102 E. Main Street 1878 Otto Reinke Building
103 E. Main Street 1876 Williams Grocery Store
104 E. Main Street 1947 Round Rock Insurance
105 E. Main Street 1876 Johnson Drug Store
108-110 E. Main Street 1880 Dieckman Groceries
109 E. Main Street 1884 Saloon/Stockbridge Grocery
111 E. Main Street 1887 The Red Front
112 E. Main Street 1881 Morgan Miller Store
113 E. Main Street ca. 1920 Photography Studio/Marble Works
114 E. Main Street ca. 1882 Grocery Store
115 E. Main Street 1884 Johansen Saloon and Billiards
116 E. Main Street 1879 Saloon/The Rock Theater
117 E. Main Street 1886 Robinson Building/The Fair
118 E. Main Street 1920 Farmer’s State Bank
119 E. Main Street 1881 Montedonico Building
121 E. Main Street 1882 Carrington Building
200 E. Main Street 1907 Round Rock Mercantile
201-203 E. Main Street 1900 J.A. Nelson Hardware Building
202 E. Main Street 1907 Weiss Store/Carlson’s Dry Goods
204 E. Main Street 1907 Economy Drug Store/Quick Pharmacy
206 E. Main Street  ca. 1930 Dr. Dick Gregg’s Office