Chronological History

The Historic Round Rock Collection: An Ongoing History

The Historic Round Rock Collection is a project documenting Round Rock’s history, funded in part with a grant from the Texas Historical Commission. These pages are adapted from the original 1991 print version; later additions have been made by staff. Recent Round Rock news is given in the News feature





(1) A league is 2.63 miles. Return to text

(2) Probably refers to Chandler Branch. Return to text

(3) The San Gabriel River. Return to text

(4) DiGesualdo and Thompson give the date as 1868, year the land was acquired by the Masons from Mary and Washington Anderson (458-459). Return to text

(5) Like much of the information surrounding Round Rock’s early schools, there is confusion as to the year Hardin graduated.  DiGesualdo and Thompson give the date as 1872 on page 460.  On page 121, they quote Hardin who said it was 1870.  Scarbrough agrees with Hardin. Return to text

(6) Some say his death was accidental. Return to text

(7) Includes information that was not in the original 1991 text of the Historical Round Rock Collection; added by Planning & Development Services Dept. staff in 2015.




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