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Annexation application information

For further information or to schedule a predevelopment meeting, contact Planning Manager Susan Brennan at  512-218-5425.

What is annexation?

Annexation is the process of incorporating new land into the city limits.  Areas within the city limits are eligible to receive city services including residential trash collection, police and fire protection.  Municipal water and wastewater services must be provided if the land is located within the City’s service areas for these utilities.

The annexation process

Annexation requests are initiated by the landowner. The applicant’s development team first meets with City staff members to review the development proposal and determine its feasibility. Staff considers the property with regard to the City’s General Plan, the proposed zoning, the cost of providing services, potential tax issues, and any other concerns related to that specific site.  When the property is located within the City’s water and wastewater service areas, the City must provide these services upon annexation.  Any necessary extension of service lines to reach the property to be annexed is the responsibility of the landowner.

The landowner must submit a signed and notarized petition for annexation to the City Council. The Council will consider the owner’s annexation request and input from the Planning & Development Services, Utilities & Environmental Services, TransportationParks, Fire, and Police Departments, school district and private utility providers. Formal action on the petition will take place at a City Council meeting.

Public participation in the annexation process

Attending City Council meetings (or watching their live broadcast on Time Warner Cable Channel 10 or AT&T Uverse Channel 99, or recordings on Round Rock Replay) is a good way to become familiar with development issues.  Items requiring public hearings are listed in the meeting agendas of the City Council.

Municipal Annexation Plan adopted in 1999 (PDF).

If you have questions about any annexation proposal, please contact the Planning & Development Services Department (512-218-5428) to discuss them with a planner.