Impounded Animals

Animals impounded by the Round Rock Animal Control Unit are sheltered at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

Round Rock Animal Control Officers will impound animals found “at large” or in violation of the animal control ordinance. If an animal is not claimed, it will either be put up for adoption, transferred to a rescue group, placed in a foster home, or euthanized.

Animal Impound Procedures

Owner Determination

  1. The Animal Control Officer determines if the animal has a visible identification tag or a microchip implant.

a. If so, the owner will be contacted for arrangements to return the animal.

b. If unable to determine the owner, the animal will be transported to the animal shelter.

Applicable Fees

  1. Fees are collected when the animal is returned to its owner. Please visit or call the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter for more information on applicable fees.