School Resource Program

The School Resource Officer Program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of law enforcement officers within the schools for the purpose of enforcing laws, conducting law-related presentations to the students, faculty, parents, as well as counseling/mentoring students.

Round Rock Police School Resource officers are there to most importantly begin the important relationship with children by essentially “bridging the gap between Cops and Kids”.

To do this Officers work under what is called the Triad-concept of Policing. This is where an officer acts as an Educator, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer within the school environment. This can encompass a variety of activities such as:

Problem Solver & Liaison to the Community-SRO’s are a source for citizens who may have questions relating to students. By working closely in the Community, SRO’s are able to find problem areas.

Law Enforcement Specialist– are fully sworn peace officers. They receive additional training that is specific to the school positions. This training maximizes the officer’s effectiveness in the school setting.

Safety Advisor– SRO’s and school administrators work closely together providing a safe environment for School-aged children. SRO’s assist the schools in developing crisis plans, and evacuation procedures that are a safety concern.

Counselor/Mentor-By working with the students, SRO’s are able to establish a rapport with the students. SRO’s are very approachable and become a source for questions and advice.

Teacher-Round Rock SRO’s regularly teach in classrooms on campus. All of the high schools in the district offer students Law Enforcement based classes. The classes are designed for students that are interested in a career in Law Enforcement.  SRO’s assist with the classes and offer insight to the profession, as well as assisting the students with their assignments. One of our SRO’s has maintained a teaching certification and offers a semester class for students to attend and gain school credit.

Chisholm Trail Middle SchoolSergeant Marc Gray512-218-3261
Hernandez Middle SchoolSergeant Jeff Uhrig512-671-2824
Cedar Ridge High SchoolOfficer Veronica Velasquez512-704-0313
Cedar Ridge High SchoolOfficer Natasha Sawyer512-704-0363
Ridgeview Middle SchoolOfficer Jerry Hallford512-424-8444
Stony Point High SchoolOfficer Logan Harper-Hill512-428-7146
Stony Point High SchoolOfficer Laura Baxter512-428-7027
Round Rock Opportunity CenterOfficer Raul Morales512-428-2928
Hopewell Middle SchoolOfficer Jay Ewing512-464-5336
Round Rock High SchoolOfficer Todd Spradlin512-464-6079
Round Rock High SchoolOfficer J.J. Strong512-464-6024
C.D. Fulkes Middle SchoolOfficer Aaron Moeller512-428-3111