Communications Dispatcher

Our Public Safety Communications Operators perform a crucial function for the City as part of our dispatch team so our hiring process for them is more extensive than for other non-sworn positions. If you have any questions regarding the application process contact us by email.

Hiring Process 
Below is an outline of the steps in the hiring process. Each step must be successfully completed to progress to the next phase.

1. Applications: Check our jobs page for current openings to apply. You will be notified via e-mail after the initial review of your online application is complete. Depending on qualifications, we will then contact you via email to submit an additional application that must be completed and submitted electronically.

2. Visit to Communications Center (optional)

3. Critical Test: Each applicant will be required to successfully complete a computer-based simulation test that evaluates general skills performed by a Telecommunications Operator.

4. Preliminary Oral Board: Applicants will be asked to appear before a panel of Police Department staff for an interview after the simulation test.

5. Background Investigation: A thorough investigation is conducted on each applicant.

6. Commander’s Review: Results of background investigation will be reviewed by select Round Rock Police Commanders.

7. Final Board: Those that pass the Commander’s Review will be interviewed by a panel.

8. Chief’s Interview: Applicants who successfully complete all previous phases of the application process will interview with the Chief of Police, prior to receiving an offer of employment.