Police Officer

The City of Round Rock has the following requirements for all police officer applicants. Candidates may also be interested in Lateral Entry as a Police Officer.Lynn and recruit


  • Must be at least 20 years and 6 months at time of written examination.
  • Must be a United States Citizen at the time of application.
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Minimum of 30 college credit hours from an accredited university or

-two years full time law enforcement experience or
-two years active duty time in the U.S. Armed Forces or
-three years Correctional Officer/licensed TCOLE Jailer experience.

  • Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License; or be able to obtain a Texas Driver’s License within 30-days of employment.
  • Out of state Peace Officers click here


All applications are screened to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements and qualify for further consideration.

Any of the following will disqualify an applicant from further consideration at any stage of the process:

  1. Conviction of, indictment for or a current charge for any felony offense – including cases disposed of through deferred adjudication or a probated sentence.
  2. Conviction of a Class A misdemeanor – including cases disposed of through deferred adjudication.
  3. Conviction of a Class B misdemeanor – including those disposed of through deferred adjudication within the past ten (10) years.
  4. Conviction for driving under the influence (DWI and DUI) within fifteen (15) years preceding the date of the entrance exam.
  5. Currently being on probation for any offense.
  6. Using or possessing any of the following controlled substances after reaching the age of twenty-one years (21) will be grounds for permanent disqualification from the Round Rock Police Department application process.
    • Narcotics from Penalty Group I, IA, II, III, IV
    • Prior to twenty-one years of age and within 10 years of the entrance examination, the usage of any of the Narcotics listed above will be grounds for removal from the application process.
    • Circumstances surrounding the usage of prescription drugs will be evaluated by the department on a case by case basis depending on the substance, the frequency of use, and how recent for final determination.
  7. Within five (5) years preceding the entrance examination, having illegally used or possessed marijuana in any form.Brian and recruit
  8. Having illegally furnished any controlled substance or dangerous drug to another.
  9. Having an excessive record for traffic convictions or negligent traffic collisions.
  10. Not being of good moral character or being known to habitually associate with those of questionable moral character.
  11. Having delinquent payments or of not meeting financial obligations or repeated occurrences of issuing checks without sufficient funds, without extenuating circumstances.
  12. Having been discharged from the military service with other than an honorable discharge
  13. Failing to cooperate fully with and keep all scheduled appointments with staff personnel involved in the selection process or failing to provide added personnel information as needed.
  14. Making false statements of fact, being deceptive by statement or omission in the written application or by any means in any part of the selection process.
  15. Failure to supply the needed documents and/or submit the application within the specified time limit.
  16. Having been discharged from any commissioned or recruit position within a law enforcement agency for disciplinary reasons, resigning to avoid suspension or discharge or having resigned during a disciplinary investigation without a final judgment being rendered.
  17. Without being specifically enumerated in the above disqualifiers, if circumstances exist which indicate the candidate is clearly unsuited for a position as a police officer with the Round Rock Police Department, the application will be rejected.
  18. Failure to sign waiver to authorize release of personnel information from former employer(s) and others who possess information regarding the suitability of the candidate to serve the Department.

A candidate who is disqualified for any of the above-mentioned reasons will not be considered for a police officer position with the Department for a period of twelve (12) months from the examination date. If the status of an applicant’s disqualifier has changed during the time period, a written request explaining the change may be submitted to the Training Division for consideration.

Note Regarding Disqualifiers

Any applicant that is disqualified from any of the above-mentioned reasons will not be considered for a police officer position for a determinant period of time from the examination date. Explanations of disqualifications may be submitted in writing to the Training Division Commander.

Mailing Address:

Commander Jim Stuart
Round Rock Police Department
2701 North Mays Street
Round Rock, Texas 78665

For more information concerning applicant requirements or disqualifiers, please contact the Training Division phone or email.

Training Division