Round Rock Police Officer Incentives


Assigned Vehicle

All Officers living within the city limits or ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction) of Round Rock are authorized to drive their vehicle to and from their place of residence. (Assigned after field training)

Uniform / Equipment

Uniforms, duty weapon, duty gear, and other equipment are provided to all Officers. Dry cleaning is provided for uniforms at no cost to the Officer.

Education Pay

Officers will receive incentive pay for one college degree. The highest academic level obtained by the Officer will be utilized.

Master’s degree              $300 per month ($3,600 annually)

Bachelor’s degree           $240.00 per month ($2,880 annually)

Associate’s degree $125.00 per month ($1,500 annually)

Certification Pay

Officers will receive incentive pay for their TCOLE certifications. *This incentive is cumulative. An Officer with their Intermediate, Advanced, and Master certification would receive $300.00 per month.

Master Peace Officer                     $300.00 per month ($3,600 annually)

Advanced Peace Officer                $150.00 per month ($1,800 annually)

Intermediate Peace Officer            $50.00 per month ($600 annually)

Fitness Incentive Pay

Officers who complete the annual agility course in a prescribed time will receive $100.00 per month.

Specialty Pay

Eligible Officers may also receive an additional $50.00 per month for the following up to date certifications and assignments:

Collision Reconstruction Team, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), Paramedic, Hostage Negotiation Team, SWAT Team, Leadership Command College, and FBI National Academy

Field Training Officers receive $200.00 per month ($2,400.00 annually)

Bilingual Pay

Officers who pass a Spanish fluency test may receive an additional incentive.

Level 1 Exam – $100.00 per month ($1,200.00 annually)

Level 2 Exam – $200.00 per month ($2,400.00 annually)