Lateral Entry

Lateral Entry- Full time Employment as a Police Officer defined as:

For the purposes of this procedure, a commissioned peace officer whose primary job assignment was in a capacity encompassing the majority of the following:

  1. Patrolling in a radio-equipped car; answering calls for the protection of life and property and the enforcement of city, county or state laws; and conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations of disturbances, prowlers, burglaries, death, and other crimes.
  2. Responding to calls related to traffic incidents and other required emergencies; observing, monitoring, and controlling routine and unusual traffic conditions; assisting and advising motorists; and enforcing traffic safety laws.
  3. Collecting and preserving evidence at crime or accident scenes; making arrests as necessary; interviewing victims and witnesses; interrogating suspects; searching and transporting prisoners; and testifying in court.
  4. Filing complaints and performing other work related to the processing misdemeanor and felony complaints; preparing reports of arrests and activities performed.

Consideration of previous law enforcement experience upon initial entry into the Department as a commissioned peace officer may occur. This form of lateral entry occurs in cases where an employee is entering the Department as a police officer with:

  1. At least four years of continuous, full-time law enforcement experience as defined in this procedure.
  2. No more than a 180-day break in service prior to their hiring date with the Department.

In such cases, officers will be hired as if they were a two-year officer and be treated as such in their salary progression. The determination regarding whether a candidate qualifies for lateral entry will be made during the Chief’s Review portion of the Selection Process.