Kenney Fort Blvd Segment 2 & 3

 Upcoming Open House – The Open House was held on October 11th as advertised. We had a robust attendance. A meeting summary is being prepared to go into the project records.

Description: Kenney Fort Boulevard is a major arterial roadway in the City of Round Rock’s Transportation Master Plan. It was included in the City’s first Transportation Master Plan, published in 1994, but has been part of the planning process since 1988. The project is being constructed in phases. Segment 1, which extends between Joe DiMaggio Boulevard and Forest Creek Drive, was completed during the summer of 2013. Segment 2 and 3 would serve to extend Kenney Fort Boulevard approximately 1.5-miles south from its current terminus at Forest Creek Drive to SH 45 North. Segment 2 and 3 of Kenney Fort Boulevard will be a six-lane divided arterial (matching Segment 1).

Project Phase and Status: Environmental studies, surveying, traffic studies and schematic development currently underway

Kenney Fort Blvd extension

Kenney Fort Schematic

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Engineer: CP&Y

Construction Contractor: To be determined

Budget: To be determined

Project Manager: Gerald Pohlmeyer, 512-218-5589