Railroad Quiet Zones

To reduce noise in neighborhoods that are adjacent to Railroad Crossings. Conducted analysis to identify safety improvements needed for at-grade rail crossing has been completed.

Project Phase and Status
All plans and environmental documents have been completed. The City is waiting on executed Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) agreements.  Once the agreements are in place, the work can be scheduled with UPRR. The first phase of the project includes the crossings from County Road 172 to Burnet Road. The second phase of the project includes the crossings from Burnet Road to Red Bud Lane.

Construction is slated to begin early 2018, pending UPRR approval.

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Brown and Gay Engineers

Construction Contractor
Union Pacific Railroad

$3,100,000 (includes $1,600,000 in Federal Grants)

Project Manager
Bill Stablein (512) 218-3237