Water Block Rates

The City of Round Rock employs rates designed to encourage water conservation throughout the year by charging a higher rate to higher usage customers.Customers who use 15,000 gallons a month or less – 74 percent of residential users – will not see any change in their monthly bills. Those using more than 15,000 gallons a month comprise of about 20 percent of our residential customers, but that 20 percent consume approximately 50 percent of all water used by residential customers.

By watering wisely and installing drought-tolerant landscaping, higher rate users can reduce their consumption and pay the lower rate. See Water Conservation for more water saving tips.

The tiers are shown below (rates are per 1,000 gallons):

Block Water Rates Structure * (effective October 1, 2018)
Monthly Base Fee $16.52
Tier 1 – $2.56 per 1,000 gallons of usage from 0 – 15,000 gallons
Tier 2 – $3.20 per 1,000 gallons of usage from 15,001 – 21,000 gallons
Tier 3 – $3.85 per 1,000 gallons of usage from 21,001 – 27,000 gallons
Tier 4 – $5.77 per 1,000 gallons of usage over 27,000 gallons
* Based on 5/8 inch meter

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Customers who pay in the fourth tier — those who use more than 27,000 gallons per month — comprise 10 percent of our customers and use 30 percent of residential use water produced by the City.

Use our Water Rate Calculator to determine what your costs will be under the tiered system.

For customers who have larger meters, the volume caps are listed below.

Meter Size in inchesVolume by Gallons
5/80 to 15,000
3/40 to 22,500
1.00 to 37,500

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Wasting water? Don’t know? Schedule a water audit

If you are interested scheduling a water audit for your home or business, contact Jessica Woods, Water Conservation Specialist, at 512-671-2872.

The block rate program is one tool the City uses to conserve water. Round Rock uses reclaimed wastewater via its water re-use program to irrigate Forest Creek Golf Course and Old Settlers Park, and promotes responsible irrigation and other conservation practices by local businesses and residential customers through its Water Wise Program, and offers free mulch to residents from our Recycle Center.

The City’s water conservation and drought contingency program is designed to:

  • Protect the integrity of water supply facilities
  • Prolong the life of existing water sources
  • Minimize the impacts of water supply shortages

The City’s water treatment and delivery system is designed to provide water during peak usage times. Reducing the amount of water delivered during peak demand periods allows the City to defer the large costs needed to plan, design and construct water treatment and delivery infrastructure. Deferring those costs saves everybody money in the long term.

Any additional revenue generated by the block rate program will go toward conservation education and awareness programs, future capital improvements and will help offset future water rate increases.