Discounted Rachio Irrigation Controller

Sold Out, Waiting List Available

The program has sold out–There may be another special offer from Rachio and the City in the coming months.  You can still register to get on a waiting list to find out what that promotion will be.

The City of Round Rock’s Water Conservation Program has partnered with Rachio to offer our direct water customers a Rachio 3 Smart Watering Controller (a $300+ value) for only $120!

How does smart watering work?
The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller replaces your current sprinkler controller and works with your existing pipes and sprinkler heads.

Rachio 3 is controlled from your smartphone so you can turn on your system or adjust your watering schedule from anywhere in the world. The Rachio app calculates when your sprinklers should run for the most efficient watering based on your local climate, soil, plants, and your system. It even checks the weather, skipping watering when it rains and adding water when the weather is hot!

SOLD OUT!  Only 200 controllers available City water customers for this discount offer on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The $120 promotion includes a Rachio 3 controller and an outdoor enclosure box, if needed; and shipping charges.
  • The controller includes a mobile app., which allows set up and control of your system via your phone or mobile device.

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Please note, to qualify for this offer:

  • You must be a direct water customer of the City of Round Rock, in good standing;
  • You must have a working, in-ground irrigation system of 16-zones or less;
  • Customers that have received a rebate from the City for a new controller through the Irrigation System Upgrade Rebate Program in the last 5 years are not eligible for this offer.
  • Customers that participate in this special offer are not eligible for the City’s Efficient Irrigation rebate.

Questions about the controller?  Contact Rachio at