Rain Barrels

Save money on your utility bill by using rainwater instead of tap water on plants and landscapes. The City’s Water Treatment Plant sells 55-gallon re-purposed barrels for use as rain barrels. Collecting rainwater is easy and beneficial.

Benefits of rainwater:
  1. It’s free!
  2. Better for plants than treated tap water, due to its nitrogen content.
  3. Helps prevent erosion when slowly released.
  4. Rainwater collection is permitted within City limits. HOA’s cannot prohibit collection.
  5. Can be used to fill ponds, birdbaths, water gardens, or slowly released to reduce erosion.

To learn more please visit rainwater harvesting.

These rain barrels are re-purposed at the City’s Water Treatment Plant and are available for $25.

Rain barrel_CORR

  • 55 gallon re-purposed barrel
  • Spigot to attach garden hose
  • Semi-circle cut-out for roof downspout
  • $25 cash or check only
Order yours today by calling 512-218-5559 or via email at Recycled Rain Barrels.