Smart Irrigation Month

All month long each July

Summer is here!  July is designated as Smart Irrigation Month since it’s one of the highest water using months of the year.

Less is more when watering your lawn.  Watering too much and too often results in shallow roots, weed growth, disease, and fungus.  Water long enough to soak down to the root zone, and don’t water again until the soil is dry.  A rule of thumb: If the grass springs back when it’s stepped on, it has enough water.

Find out more irrigation tips at or come chat with us and pick up some freebies at these parks – see schedule.

City of Round Rock Water Conservation, Backflow, and Stormwater staff want to help you keep water use (and your bills) low this summer.  Come out and visit with us each Wednesday in July to learn smart ways to help save water this summer—and year-round.


We will:

  • Provide lawn watering recommendations;
  • Schedule free irrigation evaluations (if qualified);
  • Give out tools to help you find and fix leaks, such as toilet leak tablets, plumbers tape, and faucet aerators;
  • Have examples of smart irrigation technologies;
  • Water tools like rain gauges and hose timers;
  • Answer your water use questions;
  • And more!

Visit with us at the following locations:
  • Freeman Park, Wednesday, June 24th from 9 – 11 am
  • Round Rock West Park, Wednesday, July 1st from 9 – 11 am
  • Prete Plaza, Wednesday, July 8th from 2 – 4 pm
  • Meadow Lake Park, Wednesday, July 15th from 9 – 11 am
  • Chandler Creek Park, Wednesday, July 22nd from 9 – 11 am
  • Prete Plaza, Wednesday, July 29th from 2:30 – 4:30pm