Water Rates FAQ

  1. Why does the City need to raise water rates?
    – Revenues are needed over the next three years to cover inflation and costs of the next phase of the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority project.
  2. How do Round Rock’s rates compare to other cities in this area?
  3. Why are you lowering the tiers from 18,000 to 15,000 gallons?
    – To better match the cost of providing the infrastructure, supply and operations for that is only used during a few weeks during the year.
    – To continue to encourage wise use of water.
  4. How will reducing the first tier to 15,000 gallons instead of 18,000 gallons impact me?
    – Most customers only use more water during the hot summer months, for most of our customers that is the only time this change will impact their bills
    – Even under the new 15,000 gallon tier, 65% of customers will not break into the second tier even during the hottest months.
  5. How will year-round conservation rates affect most residential customers?
    – From November to May 95% to 99% of our customers never go over the first tier, even at 15,000 gallons. That means only a very few will be impacted, the rest will see no change from the year-round tiered rates.
  6. I run a small business that requires water year-round (restaurant, laundry, etc.), won’t that make my off-season costs go up?
    – No, commercial customers now have a year-round constant rate.
    – As a whole, commercial customers have only limited impact on summer peak usage.
  7. But what about commercial users that do a lot of landscape irrigation?
    – Most large commercial customers have separate irrigation meters and will pay different rates for irrigation uses.
    – These irrigation customers still have a tiered rate structure that will now be year-round just like residential.