Privacy concerns: What information does the Library collect, and how is it used?

  • May 1, 2015

The Library has contracted with ReadSquared to provide an online logging system for the Summer Reading Challenge. (Here’s an FAQ about ReadSquared security)

The Library collects information that allows staff to accomplish three goals:

  1. To connect reading accomplishments to individual users,
  2. To resolve user-reported issues, and
  3. To assess the program’s effectiveness

This information includes:

  1. Some sort of name to identify the user
  2. Contact information so staff can:
    –notify users about prizes,
    –resolve issues users may have complained about, including resetting forgotten passwords, and
    –ask for feedback in the form of an optional survey
  3. General statistical information that allows Libary staff to assess overall trends in participation; this information includes the ages and school attendance patterns of participants, which helps staff determine whether outreach efforts are effective

Information is limited to these purposes, and is not shared or distributed.