What’s new for adults, teens, and children in 2019?

  • June 2, 2015

There’s a lot to love about Summer Reading this year!

Easier family tracking

ReadSquared, our online tracking software, continues to respond to the feedback you’ve given us the past few years. We think you’ll find the program simpler and more intuitive. Check it out and tell us what you think.

There is no need for frequent log-ins. You can update your log in large batches, and enter as many points as you need on any day. Take it easy, keep it simple–we only need the total points earned and the total missions completed, so don’t worry about getting the dates right. 

We’ll continue to offer the kids and teens paper logs to help with day-to-day organization at home–whenever it’s convenient, someone can update the online record so everyone can earn prizes.

If online record-keeping is difficult for you, please remember that you’re welcome to use the Library’s computers, free WiFi, and even the helpful teens at the Summer Reading Table to update your online account.

Choices! Oh, the choices!

Motivation is such a personal thing. Our goal is to move kids toward reading for love and curiosity, and we know prizes can be important to some readers on their path to internal motivation.

Thanks for some wonderful sponsors, we can give kids a choice between physical prizes and raffle tickets. Got little readers? Be sure to ask about our little-kid-friendly prizes.

But those aren’t the only choices!

  • Kids can choose the most appropriate way to track their reading, based on the kind of reader they are on any given day. They may choose to earn one point per minute of reading, or 15 points per completed book, every time they record their reading. Pro tip: Choose the strategy that helps your child earn the most points!
  • Families with little kids who attend Babytime and Toddlertime may prefer our Little Kid Challenge that emphasizes Early Literacy practices.
  • Adults will be able to count a wide variety of reading and community experiences.

Library cards for everyone

In May 2015, the Round Rock City Council removed non-residence fees for Library users. Any Texas resident aged 6 and older may receive a library card, including individuals who live outside the city limits. Applicants younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to receive their card.

Learn more about getting a library card here.