What are deed restrictions, and how can I find out if my property carries any?

  • January 8, 2015

Deed restrictions are agreements about the use or maintenance of properties that property owners agree to. Because deed restrictions are private agreements, they can be more restrictive than municipal property codes (for example, they can prohibit basketball hoops and RVÍs, or specify a standard of yard maintenance). The city cannot enforce deed restrictions; they are enforced by the Home Owners Association or other property owners in the subdivision through fines, property liens and/or civil action. Deed restrictions also transfer to future owners with the land title.

Deed restrictions are recorded at the County, and should be revealed in the title search when purchasing a property. If you have questions about a property, contact the Williamson County Clerk at 512-943-1515. For properties in Travis County, contact the Travis County Clerk at 512-854-9188.